May 19, 2006

Kerri Chandler - After the Other Thing for Linda EP


Deep house is an oft- and deservedly-maligned genre, much of it too self-referential and self-conscious to ignite any but the most condescending dancefloor. In the hands of its few auteurs, though—of which Kerri Chandler is one—the staid formulas attain a new life. Avoiding the gravity of the genre in favor of levity, Kerri adds blues harp on “Out to the Boonies” and transcends the usual stereotypes. Despite a great snare sound, “I Will Send It” is so far, so Mr. Fingers, and “Downtown” a rather monochrome exercise in boompty-boom drums and keyboard stabs. Like those of his peers, Chandler’s tracks attain much greater “depths” when employing jazz-influenced solos and live instrumentation. Still, devotees of the sound will find much to occupy them here. Meanwhile, the rest of us wait for Kerri to drop Trionosphere II and revive the art of the DH long-player.

Downtown 161 / www002
[Mallory O’Donnell]