July 20, 2007

Charts: July 20 2007

The Beatz staff pick their favorite dance releases of 2007, so far…

Peter Chambers

Beck - Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Lopazz - Share my Rhythm (Isolee mix) [Review]
Andy Stott - Handle with Care / See in Me [Review]
Kalabrese - Rumpelzirkus Part 1 [Review]
Efdemin/Carsten Jost - Split EP [Review]
Carsten Jost - Atlantis I & II
Kerri Chandler - Computer Games EP
Andy Stott - the Massacre EP [Review]
DJ Koze - All the Time EP [Review]
Len Faki - Rainbow Delta/Mekong Delta [Review]
Shackleton - Blood on my Hands (Villalobos mix) [Review]
Roman Fluegel - Mutter EP
Various - Death is Nothing to Fear Vol. 1 [Review]
Vulva String Quartett - Cranberry Song EP [Review]
Portable - Don’t Give Up (Remixes) [Review]
Syncom Data - Beyond the Stars (Remixes) [Review]
Ilya Santana - Discotized EP [Review]
DJ Koze vs. Sid le Rock - Naked (Koze remix) [Review]
Battles - Atlas (Koze mix) [Review]
Prosumer/Murat Tepeli - What Makes You Go For It? [Review]

Nate DeYoung

Lindstrom & Solale - Let’s Practice [Review]
Hatchback - White Diamond (Prins Thomas remix)
Audion - I Gave You Away [Review]
Partial Arts - Trauermusik [Review]
Motiivi:Tuntematon - I Don’t Feel Good [Review]
Efdemin - Just a Track [Review]
Beck - Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Ame - Balandine [Review]
Argy - 1985 (Sydenham & Rune Remix) [Review]
Henrik Schwarz - Walk Music [Review]
Dixon - Resident Advisor #48

Todd Hutlock

cv313 - Dimensional Space EP [Review]
Lazy Fat People - Pixelgirl EP [Review]
Dominik Eulberg - Limikolen EP [Review]
Beck - Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Luciano - No Model No Tool [Review]
Audio Werner - Flatfunk [Review]
Tony Allen - Ole (A Remix by Moritz Von Oswald) [Review]
Riton - Hammer of Thor
Adultnapper - Betty Crocker Moves to Berlin
Gaiser vs Heartthrob - Nasty Girl [Review]
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime [Review]
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia [Review]
DeepChord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season
Dominik Eulberg - Heimische Gefilde [Review]
Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss [Review]

Michael F. Gill

Sorcerer - Surfing After Midnight (Prins Thomas Remix) [Review]
Matt John - Soulkaramba [Review]
Jacek Sienkiewicz - Good Night & Good Luck [Review]
Shackleton - New Dawn / Massacre
Air - Lost Message [Review]
M.I.A. - Bittersuss [Review]
Escort - All That She Is [Review]
Voom Voom - Best Friend / Sao Verought Remixes
Frankie Valentine - Zumbi (Henrik Schwarz Dub Remix)
Kelley Polar - Rosenband (Instrumental)

April 30, 2007

Phobia - Phobia (DJ Hell / Silence Mix)

It still seems so easy to write off International Deejay Gigolos, even if its now a full five years or so since the death of electroclash. Their rampant release schedule and terminally hit-or-miss CD compilations have never done them any favors, and I would actually agree with naysayers who claim that their M.O of sleazy rave, electro-techno, and acid works better in theory than in abundant practice. Yet looking back over the last three years, Im surprised how many quality tracks theyve been a part of, from the DJ Hell remixes by Dominik Eulberg and Superpitcher, the Psychonauts World Keeps Turning, Abe Duques album, and Johnny Dangerous fantastic King of Clubs, to great recent sides from Terrence Fixmer and Kevin Gorman.

And here we are again, with another massive release: DJ Hells perfect update of Phobias (aka Pink Elln) self-titled proto-trance cut from 1991. Pretty much all the elements that made the original such a smash are here: an eerie two-note drone acting as a depth charge, a slightly melancholic diva wail, and a spoken voice intoning let me have silence. DJ Hell just seems to fill in the blanks in making it sound contemporary, basically giving it a sleeker drum kit and some reserved acid lines; the source material does the rest of the heavy lifting effortlessly. On the flip side is the Silence Mix, a co-production between Pink Elln and Atom Heart, which uses the two-note drone as the basis for a frigid piece of ambience that threatens but never quite makes it way into something comfortable (a good thing). Its actually a little hard to believe Phobia is over 15 years old, as this single makes so much sense, and sounds so vital.

International Deejay Gigolos / GIGOLO 213
[Michael F. Gill]

April 29, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 17

Baby Oliver - Primetime (Uptown Express) (Environ)
Genre: Neo-Disco

Mallory O’Donnell: From the Disco Train to the Last Train to Lhasa, the railway serves nicely as a metaphor of convenience for electronic dance music and its slowly-chugging agenda. Baby Oliver, newly signed to Jerseys finest label Environ, maps out their program of disco-derived deviance with Primetime, an ode to the A & C trains of the NYC subway system.

Reverso 68 Especial (Eskimo)
Genre: Neo-Disco, Balearic

Boundzound - Louder (Warner / Island)
Genre: House

Lopazz - Share My Rhythm (Get Physical)
Genre: Electro-House

Black Devil Disco Club - Black Sunshine (LoEB)
Genre: Neo-Disco, Italo

Joel Mull - The End Has Begun EP (Railyard Recordings)
Genre: Progressive/Trance, Minimal/Deep

Nick Sylvester: I find myself rewinding back to the beginning just so I can hear the beat drop at minute two, which is saying something.

Dominik Eulberg Limikolen (Traum)
Genre: Minimal/Deep

Todd Hutlock: The breathtaking moment comes at about 6:45 or so, when the bottom drops out, as the bird simply glides over everything, peering down at the busy world below heard in the percussion distant in the mix.

Mock & Toof - Black Jub (Tiny Sticks)
Genre: Neo-Disco

Para One - Midnight Swim (Naive France / Institubes)
Genre: Indie-Dance, Leftfield

Weekly Staff Charts

Beatzcast #29 and Beatzcast #30: Michael F. Gill presents some of the Beatz by the Pound crews favorite dance tracks, both old and new.

Michaelangelo Matos interviews house/garage/2-step producer Todd Edwards

Mallory O’Donnell interviews Kompakt artist The Field

April 26, 2007

Dominik Eulberg Limikolen

Released as a companion to techno-naturalist Dominik Eulbergs Heimische Gefilde full-length, Limikolen is a two-tracker that deserves to stand on its own merits. The A-side is taken by the non-LP Die Grunschenkel Im Blauen Priel, an 11-plus-minute track that builds on a driving rhythm track and a bouncing, repetitive, one-note riff that gently phases a bit as it grows more and less intense throughout the track, building to a climax at the 3:30 mark when it finally multiplies to the point where it simply overpowers everything else in the mix into submission. Then the rhythm starts up again and were off for another round, albeit with some different counter rhythms this time through. Its a pretty simple trick, but Eulberg is so deft with his construction and programming that youll hardly care.

The other track, Die Alpenstrandlufer von Spiekeroog, appears in an edit on the album, but the version here is the essential one, nearly doubled in length and really given room to build into its proper groove. The title refers to the dunlin from Speikeroog (a shorebird, FYI, and yes, I had to look it up) and the tracks melody does evoke a birdsong, just as the percussive noises that hit the mix at about the halfway point sound a bit like great metal flapping wings. The breathtaking moment comes at about 6:45 or so, when the bottom drops out, as the bird simply glides over everything, peering down at the busy world below heard in the percussion distant in the mix. Its a magic moment that is enjoyed even more when you know what Eulberg is on about.

Traum Schallplatten / TRAUM V84
[Todd Hutlock]

March 30, 2007

Charts: March 30 2007

Todd Hutlock
Audion - Mouth To Mouth (Heartthrob’s Hot Breath Treatment) [Spectral Sound]
Pole - Jungs [~scape]
Creation Rebel - Starship Africa (Parts 1-5) [On U Sound]
DJ T - Lucky Bastard [Get Physical]
Mad Mike - Lo-Tech Reality [Underground Resistance]
Riton - Hammer of Thor (Roman Flgel Remix) [Souvenir]
Dominik Eulberg - Die Grunschenkel Im Blauen Priel [Traum Schallplatten]
Faze Action - In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 Remix 1) [Juno]
Adultnapper - Betty Crocker Moves To Berlin [Superfreq]
Audio Werner Flatfunk [Circus Company]

Michael F. Gill
Jacek Sienkiewicz - Good Night & Good Luck [Cocoon]
Porter Ricks Porter Ricks [Mille Plateaux]
Motorcitysoul Aura (Jimpster Remix) [STIR15 Recordings]
Glimpse Julia [Hypercolour]
Jay Pauli Hamburger Spritzer [Ware]
DJ E Tones Soul Detergent [Sounds]
Blue Vision Visions [EMI Electrola]
Secession - Touch (Parts 3 & 4) [Beggars Banquet]
Rick James Glow [Gordy/Motown]
Cheri Murphys Law [Venture]

February 16, 2007

Charts: February 16 2007

Todd Hutlock
Todd Sines - In_Come [Frankie Rec]
Safety Scissors - Where Is Germany and How Do I Get There? (Ellen Allien Germany Remix) [Bpitch Control]
Roxy Music - The Main Thing (Rub-N-Tugs Proton Saga) [Virgin]
Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Harzer Roller [Traum Schallplatten]
Pr Grindvik - Casio [Spectral Sound]
Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Robotman Remix) [M_nus]
Ripperton - Tainted Words [Connaisseur]
Audio Werner - Flat Funk [Circus Company]
Tracey Thorn - Its All True (Martin Buttrich Dub) [Virgin]
Marcellus Pittman - A Mix [Unirhythm]

Michael F. Gill
Goat Dance Goat Dance (Version) [Bear Entertainment]
Blackjoy Untitled (Kerri Chandlers Bigga Mix) [Freerange]
Tony Allen One Tree (Terrence Parkers Spirit of Unity Instrumental Mix) [Honest Jons]
PM Dawn A Watcher Point of View [Dont Cha Think] (Todd Terrys Hard House Mix) [Gee Street]
Escort - All That She Is [Escort]
Jo Squillo Eletrix Avventurieri [Polydor]
The Voyagers - Distant Planet [Discomagic]
Venus Gang Space Woman [P.B.I. Records]
Two Tons O’ Fun Got The Feeling [Fantasy Honey]
Tribe Koke [Probe]

January 19, 2007

Shane Berry - Fillertet 2 / To There

Todd Hutlock: South African producer Berry made a big splash in 2006 with three twelves (and a remix single with takes by Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda) and a download-only EP, but it was this, his debut release, that still sounds the strongest to these ears. On Fillertet 2, a series of rhythmic typewriters, ticks, phasers, and God knows what else assemble themselves into marching formation and bubble and twitch their way into your synapses and feet simultaneously, until suddenly your needle starts to buzz and malfunction. Is there a short in your cartridge? No, but the buzz keeps growing and growing, flitting between the speakers, increasing in frequency and fluttering to a gentle landing, leaving you breathless. By the time the break is over and the beat comes back in, youll be a sweaty pile of nothing on the floor. Gawd-DAMN! On the flip, Polytet 3 is a similar sort of twitchy boogie with charms all its own, the buzz replaced by a steady, sinister hum and a shuffling static burn, but the dynamic on the A is what will keep you coming back for more and positively wrecking any dancefloor that can stand it. One of the best cuts of 2006, cursed by being released the first week of January in a genre that turns over faster and faster every year.

Todd Burns: Something changes halfway through Shane Berrys Fillertet 2. A vacuuming nearly all-encompassing static takes over the track and begins to fill all available space. It then eventually envelopes the casual beat and melody to the point that they fade away and disappear and are replaced by a deep bass tone, only to return after the static has completely washed away any memory of the opening two minutes of the track. Its an amazing trick, but one that makes me wish the entire song had been composed of it. That same static menaces at the edges of Polytet 3 and then once again takes center stage halfway through in a similar fashion, riding, this time, at the periphery. The static takes a backseat on Berrys second 12 for the label, released in March 2006, but remains a part of each piece in some way: on Sigh it adds color to the edges of each snare hit. Its an odd affect, one that doesnt always work (For a Moment seems like a retread)but when it does, like on Fillertet 2, it adds a sort of millennial dread that works wonders on the decks.

Trapez Ltd 040 / 042

January 19, 2007

Charts: January 19 2007

Michael F. Gill
Sylvester I Need You (Dims Maxi Disco Blend) [ITH Records]
Remute Bounce 23 [Trapez]
V/A - This Is Rong Music [Rong Music]
Lil Louis - I Called You (The Story Continues) [Epic]
E-Dancer - Oombah [Planet E]
Midnightrats - Goalmaker [Magic Circus]
Macho Cat Garage - Ghetto Blues [Viewlexx]
V/A - Make Me What [Minisketch]
Benfay - Pink Silk Panties (Bang Goes Remix) [Stattmusik]
The Nova Dream Sequence - Interpretations [Compost]

Todd Hutlock
Depeche Mode - People Are People (Underground Resistance Remix) [Mute]
Tomas Andersson - Mot Matsalen! [Bpitch Control]
Radio Slave - Weeeze [Rekids]
Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Technasia Rmx) [Third Ear/Syncrophone]
Hot Chip - Over And Over (Naum Gabo Remix) [Astralwerks/DFA]
False - Kickball [Plus 8]
Thomas Fehlmann - Dusted [Kompakt]
Pier Bucci - Lnuit (Dominik Eulberg Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Shinedoe Remix) [Get Physical]
Nitzer Ebb - Control Im Here (Superchumbo Dub) [NovaMute]

December 22, 2006

2006 Year In Review: Individual Writer Lists

As a companion piece to our 2006 year in review, here are the individual lists/charts from each of our contributors. Happy reading…


December 1, 2006

Dominik Eulberg - Bionik

Originally released as a limited edition, one-sided picture disc, the massive Bionik gets a second life on shop shelves and dancefloors worldwide with this standard release complete with a new Guy Gerber remix on the flip, thus ensuring that those lucky enough to find it the first time will just have to buy it again anyway. Even for the prolific and talented Eulberg, Bionik stands apart as a notch above most floor fodder, building from a stripped-down beginning to a Frankensteins Monster of a cut, featuring all the hallmarks of minimal, techno, and even some trance elements that somehow come to life and stomp around once the electricity is added. It shouldnt work, but it does, as the big breakdowns, chunky bass riff, call-and-response percussion, and swirling backdrops shift and shade each other to make a rumbling, rambling whole that deftly crosses new and old school lines. Gerbers Red Light Rmx is a bit more streamlined and modern sounding, taking a similar construction approach in building from the bottom up, but keeping things a bit more dark and menacing than the original, including lots of subtle, shuffling percussive snaps and shakes. Eulberg had a great 2006, but looking back, Bionik should be the tune that people remember, and now that its more widely available, I expect it will be.

Cocoon / COR 12 027
[Todd Hutlock]

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