June 16, 2006

David Wulle & Andy Garcia - Untitled


Detroit-based Docile Recordings has been toiling in semi-obscurity for a few years now, and it is a crying shame. Over a series of 12-inches, none of which feature song titles, David Wulle and Andy Garcia (and a handful of others) have crafted a truly dynamite set of DJ tools, and this release is no exception. Equal parts Akufen, Jeff Mills, and Basic Channel, Wulle and Garcia turn in four tracks of short, clipped, and looped noises, beats, and throbs and mix them up dub-style for a truly intriguing mix. And just when you think you have them all figured out, track B1 drops the kick drum altogether and is all the spacier (and effective) for it. Did I mention it comes on cool grey marbled wax? Donít sleep.

Docile / DOC-014
[Todd Hutlock]