March 2, 2007

Mala - Bury Da Bwoy / Hunter


I know next to nothing about dubstep, but the little I’ve heard is nothing if not hypnotic. Sometimes to a fault: Burial hypnotizes me right to sleep. Mala (of the Digital Mystikz) avoids that neatly with variations of elements cycling in and out of the kind-bud haze, different hands reaching out and grabbing alternate parts of your anatomy. The effect is slightly unsettling, but in an enjoyable way. Of the two tracks, “Hunter” is a bit closer to what the mind would categorize away as “dub,” though the huge distorted bassline remains somewhere off in the distance, never threatening your speakers. Instead the eccentric staccato clicks and dry thumping of the drums dominates, while a perplexing film sample intrudes twice. “Bury the Bwoy” is slightly more dizzy and creepy, jazz on goofballs rolling into the wrong part of town at the wrong time of night. Forward-thinking and elegantly disturbing material.

DMZ / DMZ 011
[Mallory O’Donnell]