August 25, 2006

Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns Remixes

Nate De Young: Get Physical’s first re-released single is a tribal-house dish from 2003. Thankfully, the three remixers avoid staring too long at the song’s “ethnic” instrumentation to fetishize it. Trentemøller’s remix might have the trance crowds looking for cheap tickets to Berlin, but it’s My My’s remix that’ll rock the clubs, distilling three years into a fizzy yelp and a glitchy, ass-swinging good time. Djuma Soundsytem’s own remix (under the Def Jaguar moniker) prove the group have been taking tips directly from label bosses Booka Shade, with an instantly memorable bassline providing the listener with something warm to nuzzle with as the summer nights fade into autumn.

Ronan Fitzgerald: With this reissue/remix package, Get Physical gives some neat exposure to the Scandinavian Balearic scene which has been quietly awesome for some time now. Trentemoller’s remix is not the banger you might expect, but rather a haunting downtempo effort that focuses on the ear-grabbing hook of the original. Def Jaguar, loosely connected to possibly the world’s greatest down-tempo label, Music For Dreams, comes with a mix that’s strongly evocative of Superpitcher’s “Heroin,” with a little less rock and a little more disco. Finally, Playhouse’s My My provide the techno with a sprawling, dub heavy re-work that scores full marks for intricacy.

Get Physical / GPM 049