August 11, 2006

Electronic Resistance - Marvelous Night


Karim Sahraoui (AKA Djinxx) returns under his Electronic Resistance moniker for more Detroit-inspired techno stuff, this time augmented by two actual Detroit producers on remix duties—Gary “Teknotika” Martin and Claude Young. Sahraoui’s up-tempo original stays true to his D-Town influences with atmospheric synth pads floating behind sizzling hi-hats and a bouncing bass riff. To say it sounds like it was recorded in 1991 is a compliment. Martin and Young head to distinctly different regions of Area Code 313, with Martin taking a ride through the sleazy side of town with some clattering percussion and a lowdown sax bleat, while Young goes to Nirvana by mellowing things out, pumping the atmospherics up to 11 before kicking into a groove so laid back and jazzy, it’s practically horizontal. Detroit doesn’t produce nearly enough records in this style these days; it’s nice to see someone else picking up the baton.

Såhkåtek / SAK 006
[Todd Hutlock]

July 14, 2006

Electronic Resistance - Boumtchicbam


Frenchman Karim Sahraoui (AKA Djinxx) clearly loves him some Detroit Techno, and it is on display proudly on this three-tracker. Operating under his Electronic Resistance moniker (itself an homage to the D’s mighty Underground Resistance empire), Sahraoui also recruits UR affiliate DJ 3000 and fellow Detroit devotee Belgium’s Pedro Cali in for remixes. Sahraoui’s original bounces along to a Kevin Sauderson-esque bassline and a typical-sounding Motor City drum loop, adding cymbals and short keyboard riffs and stuffs layer upon layer before winding it all back down again. Cali ups the tempo a tiny bit, and drops some spacey chords and a refreshingly off-kilter kick drum into his mix, as well as a jazzy, UR-style keyboard motif in the middle that livens things up a bit when he kicks into high gear. The best of the bunch is DJ 3000’s, however, who uses his trademark smattering of ethnic percussion loops and a mellow keyboard washes, as well as a few well-placed breakdowns—something sorely missing from the original, making it a bit flat as a result. You can take the music out of the D, but if you want it done right…

Såhkåtek / SAK005
[Todd Hutlock]

November 17, 2005

Djinxx - Microscopic


On the basis of “Geht’s Noch?” you could safely say that Cocoon has had a strong year. It only gets better here with Djinxx’s first release on the imprint. “Micro Mini” is the sort of nameless, faceless trancey racket that makes you wonder whether your love of this music is genuine, but the B-side holds a duo of interesting moments: “Scopic” is easy-listening psych that placates in a good way, while “The Other Side” picks up the pace and reveals itself to be the long-lost cousin of early 1990’s IDM (emphasis on the D).

Cocoon / COR 12 015
[Todd Burns]