November 17, 2006

Joakim + DJ Morpheus / Minimal Compact - Give Us Something!!!

Wow, this is terrible. I know my standards for electroclash and rock remixes and all the Franco-filter-metal perversions of late are a tad too high, but this may be the most vapid of the bunch yet: needly guitars but not a hook, some rock drum flavor but nothing close to a driving beat, Minimal Compact’s Samy Birnbach saying “give us
something” but obviously unwilling to return the favor. But hey, the synths are analog! Come on now. New York’s Rub ‘n’ Tug do better on the b-side, a remix of MC’s “Nil Nil.” I never heard the original, but this one sounds like a lost Siouxsie extended mix; not quite as dark, but with creepier vox, really deep drums, and percussive bass sounds as per usual for R-n-T remixes. The guitar stabs are so frail they’ll make you cry, and here, its a good thing.

Tigersushi / TSR 018
[Nick Sylvester]