February 16, 2007

Trans Mania - Boing, Boom Jack!


Originally slated for Diskokaine’s label (home of the wonderful Sally Shapiro), this dark and electro-tinged house track is now being released through Gomma, a doubling of resources and delights that will hopefully lead to Sally Shapiro singing on the next Munk album and Tomboy being reworked by Wolfram Eckert. Given the appearance of none other than Alexander Robotnick alongside Patrick Pulsinger on remix duties for this single, could we be overly hopeful in thinking the neo-Italo cauldron in northern Europe is finally coming to a boil?

“Boing, Boom, Jack!” is exactly what it promises, I’ll tell you that muchheavy pulsating, dancefloor-shredding nouveau electro with monster old-school acid house drums and squelches, the kind of thing those black boot-donning kiddies in Copenhagen should be stomping along to right about now. The original is right insane, but the remixes shouldn’t be overlookedPulsinger goes deep for a reception in hard electro territory and penetrates the end zone with a vibe perfect for the Italo Superbowl Shuffle. Robotnick, old hat that he is, kicks the drums and spaceship noises into overdrive and pulls the extra point, in just a little over five minutes. God, sometimes it feels good to root for the home team, don’t it?

Gomma / Gomma 088
[Mallory ODonnell]

February 2, 2007

Beatzcast #17



01: Roxy Music - Same Old Scene (Glimmers Remix)
02: In Flagranti - Just Gazing
03: Escort Bright New Life
04: Diskokaines Rock-A-Boogie (In Flagranti Mix)
05: Heib - Acid Pimp
06: Gui Boratto Mr. Decay
07: The Field - Everyday
08: Elektrochemie Mucky Star
09: Remo feat. Chelonis R. Jones Empire (Spektre Remix)

December 1, 2006

The Diskokaines - Rock-A-Boogie


The original is all over the placeeverywhere from big apple rappin’ to electro to Chicago house to hard technoand in the process wastes a pretty-OK vocal hook, which at one point bites the phraseology of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” I know a lot of dudes are writing tracks like this, just stringing together a bunch of totally different sections and hoping the song will get mistaken for some kind of brilliant mini-epic. Me, I think its lazy songwriting, plus I’m bored, especially since no one section really bangs on its own anyway. Regardless, I was pretty curious to hear the In Flagranti RMX, since the Brooklyn duo has done a few nice electro-goth remixes recently (cf. Kudu’s “Bar Star”; WhoMadeWho’s “Out the Door”) and their own “Bang Bang” is pretty great. Their cut is definitely the winner here: they commit the hook to just one backdrop, a really dark, somewhat funky electro-house beat [which is based on a sample from Machos Not Tonight], and work in all these other conga sounds, treble-rattlers, and something that sounds like a didgeridoo. Definitely on my “remixers to watch” list.

Diskokaine / DK004
[Nick Sylvester]

December 1, 2006

Beatzcast #12



01: Future Forward Time for Livin (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
02: The Diskokaines Rock-A-Boogie (In Flagranti Mix)
03: Jamiroquai Runaway
04: Echo Club Senor Pasajero
05: Justus Koehncke FaultsnFX
06: Melon Spring
07: Oliver Koletzki Follow Up
08: Ost & Kjex How Not to Be a Biscuit

September 1, 2006

Sally Shapiro - I’ll Be By Your Side


What is it about cold lands that bringeth pop so warm? “I’ll Be By Your Side” is a typically irresistible slice of Nordic joy, vocoder and all, that manages to balance economy and lushness in such an impeccably hip way that all your potential arguments simply bounce off the ironclad resolve of its pure poptasticness. Diskokaine/Clone bring us a 12″ with a remix (unnecessary) and a b-side “Time to Let Go” (tres necessaire), in which our dear Sally shares her command of French and Francophile pop, while still keeping the hat firmly tipped toward that dynamic pan-European style. The single is rounded off by an egregious track from producer Johan Agebjorn, who may need a tap on the shoulder to remind him that the 80’s did, in fact, end. All the two-decades gone simplicities that make Sally’s vocal tracks resound lose their steam in this cut, appropriately-titled “Overload.”

Diskokaine / DK 002
[Mallory ODonnell]

August 11, 2006

Charts: August 11 2006

Cameron Octigan
Ada - Living It Up [Areal]
Luca Bacchetti Out of Breath [Tenax]
Hemmann & Kaden Roll in Moll [Freude am Tanzen]
Lawrence - Place to Be [Liebe]
Louderbach Reflected [Underl_ne]
Magda Shes a Dancing Machine [M_nus]
Misc. Tanz Der Polymere [Sender]
Reverso 68 - Tokyo Disko [Eskimo]
Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation F [Cocoon]
Wighnomy Bros. - Dukktus [Freude am Tanzen]

Todd Hutlock
Future/Past - Jam Packed [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider - Styleways [Poker Flat]
Kayot - Clear Sky (Main Mix) [Buzzin Fly]
Paradroid - Faked Moon Landing (Fym Remix) [Force Inc.]
Justus Khncke - Advance [Kompakt]
Antonelli Electr. - Snowflake Funk [Level]
Pig & Dan - 4 Leaf Clover [Cocoon]
Carl Craig - Darkness (Max Mix) [Planet E]
Magda - Shes a Dancing Machine [Minus]
The Knife - Silent Shout (Troy Pierce Barado en Locombia Mix) [Rabid/Brille/Mute]

Mallory ODonnell
Booka Shade - Paper Moon [Get Physical]
Junior Boys - In the Morning [Domino]
CSS - Let’s Make Love & Listen Death from Above (Spank Rock Remix) [Sub Pop]
808 State - San FranCisco [Tommy Boy]
Applegarden - Twentyfive 6 Four (Putsch ‘79 Remix) [Clone]
Toby Tobias - A Close Shave (Prins Thomas Disko-Tek Miks) [REKIDS]
Allez Allez - Allez Allez [Eskimo]
Cassie Vs. Ice-T - Girls LM&UGBNAF (Various Bootlegs) [Aristo-Camille]

Michael F. Gill
Arsenal feat. Jhelisa Anderson - Far Have I Come [Cottage]
Telex - L’amour Toujours [Interdisc]
Sally Shapiro - I’ll Be By Your Side [Diskokaine]
IMS - Dancing Therapy [Ballaphon / Emergency]
Cassy - Alexandra / Toyah [Cassy]
Swat-Squad - Shared [Galaktika]
Paul Johnson - I Need You [Motus Music]
Troy Brown - Feel Allright [Aquarius Recordings]
Sandy Kerr - Thug Rock [High Fashion]
Rene & Angela - I Love You More [Capitol]