November 3, 2006

The Glimmers - Time 4 Action Remixes


It’s like I only review releases of mid-tempo or nu-disco around here. Anything with a thick semi-driven bassline, lots of reverb, and the occasional guitar flange—at the very least I’ll listen to it all the way through, forgive bad melodies for good texture, etc. This one tries my patience, though. It’s not Padded Cell’s fault, but that slight chromatic riff they keep from the original really blows, a shame because everything around it is aces, especially the new drum sounds, all programmed with different piston-like pneumatic qualities, like it’s this massive space-disco super-engine. There’s even one towards the end that sounds like a blowdryer; that’s a new one. The flipside is the CJ Bolland/Glimmers remix; sounds like a dubbier disco edit of the Brennan Green “Cerebral Tremolo” remix for Kaos, which is more interesting rhythmically and goes better places.

Diskimo / DISKO 6001
[Nick Sylvester]