July 22, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 29

Deetron feat. DJ Bone - Life Soundtrack (Music Man)
Genre: House, Techno

Simon Baker - Plastik / Jitters (Playhouse)
Genre: House, Minimal/Deep

Peter Chambers: Just like some people’s nudity is more naked than others, some repetitions are somehow more repetitive than others, while others are seemingly less repetitive, more transformative.

Lee Douglas - New York Story (Rong)
Genre: Neo-Disco

Nate DeYoung: It’s wide-eyed and effortless as a wind-up toy, but packs 500-lb chimes straight out of Blondie’s “Rapture”.

Len Faki - Rainbow Delta/Mekong Delta Remixes (Ostgut Ton)
Genre: Techno, Minimal/Deep

Various Artists - Sasomo EP (BAR25)
Genre: Minimal/Tech

Michael F. Gill: With the world remaining indifferent to my personal peaks and valleys, why not have my music be the same way?

Avus - Furry Hat / Spnkr (Border Community)
Genre: Progressive/Trance

Brother From Another Planet / .Xtrak - 7th City Classics Vol. 1 (7th City)
Genre: Techno, Acid

The Beatz staff pick their favorite dance releases of 2007, so far

Beatzcast #42: Crambe Repetita

Nina Phillips reviews Efdemin self-titled album on Dial Records.

July 20, 2007

Beatzcast #42: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music featuring new music from Anja Schneider and the Kindisch label, as well as Dial Records and a remix from the Wighnomy Brothers…

01: Herb LF - Fruchtalarm (Wighnomys Obstkokktailie) [buy]
02: Sten - Undercover [buy]
03: Phonique - Gaga [buy]
04: Einzelkind - Maferefumeco [buy]
05: Anja Schneider - Belize [buy]

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July 6, 2007

Beatzcast #40: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music featuring new music from Ricardo Villalobos and Jay Haze, Luciano, Get Physical, and My Best Friend…

01: Piemont - Sick Certificate [buy]
02: Riley Reinhold - Lights in My Eyes (Patrice Bumel Mokum Rmx) [buy]
03: Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Grillen Im Park [buy]
04: Gluhen 4 - The World Of… [buy]
05: Kramer - Sonne Ist Da [buy]
06: Social Being - Free Your Mind [buy]
07: Luciano - Back to Front [buy]
08: Half Hawaii - Mir Nichts [buy]
09: Phonique feat. Erlend Oye - Casualties [buy]

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May 4, 2007

Charts: May 4, 2007

Nate DeYoung
Baby Oliver - Uptown Express [Environ]
Lindstrom - Let’s Practice [Feedelity]
Force of Nature - Afroshock [Mule]
Juergen Paape - Speicher 47 [Kompakt]
Andomat3000 & Jan - L Delay [Cadenza]
Sebbo - Beirut Boogie [Liebe Detail]
V/A - Shut Up and Dance! [Ostgut]
Kathy Diamond - Miss Diamond to You [Permanent Vacation]
Matthew Dear - Asa Breed [Ghostly]
Efdemin - Efdemin [Dial]

Michael F. Gill
Marlow - So Mellow So Sweet [Moon Harbour Recordings]
DJ /Rupture - Secret Google Cheat Codes [Violent Turd]
David Keno and Francesco Passantino - Monosynth [Keno Records]
Acid OG’s - Good Good Feeling [Chicago Housing Commission]
Chris Rea - Josephine [Magnet]
Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself (Deep Dream Mix) [Club]
Lo Verde - Die Hard Lover [Moby Dick]
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy [MCA]
Prism - The White Shadow [Univer Records Production]
Blaze - I Think Of You (Restless Soul Inspiration Information Remix) [Slip ‘n’ Slide]

March 28, 2007

Tobias - Dial EP

I found myself contorted into all kinds of verbal shapes and hard-wrung hand positions the other night, trying to explain to a non-techno friend exactly whats so good about Tobias productionsbecause on the surface at least, theres very little to it. The friends ears, tuned to jazz and classical, kept wading through the repetitions waiting for it to happen and he shrugged when it didnt. Its not the moment, its the movement, I said. Im not sure that conveys it either. It just sounds so damned good. Like last years wonderful Street Knowledge EP, every clap, kick and bassline on Dial sound just right.

And the tracks groove like hell, especially the title cut, which twists through seven minutes with nothing more than bass and percussion. Violence takes things in a more experimental direction, and sounds like some of Carl Craigs similar styled-work (Darkness). Below Houston (which was featured on Cassys Panoramabar mix along with the title track) is a much housier cut in the vein of older 7th City Records tracks, while Second to None is a more spacious tech-house excursion. In every way the sequel to Street Knowledge, Dial is the second part of a manifesto that lays out the unmistakable patterns of an incurable machine romance.

Logistic / LOG059
[Peter Chambers]

March 23, 2007

Charts: March 23 2007

Peter Chambers
Beck - Cellphones Dead (Villalobos entlebuch remix) [Geffen]
Len Faki - Pearl Delta/Mekong Delta [Ostgut Tontraeger]
Tobias. - Dial EP [Logistic]
Andy Stott - Handle with Care/See in Me [Modern Love]
Carsten Jost/Efdemin - Split EP [Dial]
Lawrence - Fridays Child EP [Mule]
Donnacha Costello - 6.6 [Minimise]
Half Hawaii - Into Me/Out of Me [Perlon]
Move D - Anne Will (Lawrence remix) [Liebe Detail]
Repeat/Repeat Carpark (Second Edition) [Soma]
DJ Koze/Sid le Rock - Naked (Koze remix) [Cereal/Killers]

Michael F. Gill
Jan Leslie Holmes Im Your Superman [Jay Jay Records]
Domina You Got My Soul [Crash]
Automat Automat [EMI/Barclay]
Alloy Orchestra The Man With The Movie Camera [Junk Metal Music]
David Garcet Redemption (The Revolving Eyes Mix) [Dirty Dancing]
Roy Davis Jr Traxx From The Nile [Bombay Records]
Wolfgang Voigt Oktoberfest [Auftrieb]
Mike Uzzi & Ben Recht Reclaiming The 120s [Unfoundsound]
Loco Dice - El Gallo Negro [Ovum]
Nasty & Tresher - The Well Served Event [Terminal M]

March 2, 2007

Charts: March 2 2007

Mallory ODonnell
Trippy Disco - Frankfurt in Fifteen [Radius]
Maximilian Skiba - Apple of Disco EP [Terranova]
Chris Rea - On the Beach (Tangoterje Edit) [Balearic Biscuits]
Tackhead - The Game [4th & Broadway]
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (Hot Chip Remix) [Island]
Galen - Playing Games [Utensil]
Evelyn “Champagne” King - Shame / Nobody Knows [RCA]
Shades of Love - Keep In Touch [Body to Body] (Instrumental Version) [Venture]
V/A - Music of Quality & Distinction, Volume One [Virgin]
V/A - Dirty Edits 2-5 [Dirty Edits]

Todd Hutlock
Andy Stott - Handle With Care [Modern Love]
Hkan Lidbo - This Looks Infected, Doesnt It? [Musick]
Porter Ricks - Scuba Lounge [Mille Plateaux]
Beck - Cellphones Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix) [Geffen]
Luciano - Keridos [Cadenza Split Composition]
Rod Modell Avionics [Echocord]
Cortney Tidwell - Dont Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson Long Vox) [Ever]
JTC Trancender [Crme Organization]
tobias. Dial [Logistic]
Ace Frehley - New York Groove [Casablanca]

Michael F. Gill
San Proper & Tom Trago Catterpillar Butter Plus (Propers Mixdown) [Rush Hour Recordings]
Mark Broom Upside Down [Pure Plastic]
John Thomas Magic [Logistic]
Oaysis Incredible Bass (Slipmatt remix) [Vicious Vinyl]
Lopazz I Need Ya [Output]
George Demure Sister Valhalla [Tirk]
Keith Hudson Nuh Skin Up [Greensleaves]
Shackleton Blood On My Hands [Skull Disco]
Shed Well Done [Soloaction]
Steve Doesnt Drive Woman & Car [Did Records]

February 2, 2007

Various Artists - We Are Smallville

Smallville Records is a Hamburg thing, and grows in the same soil as Dial and Liebe Detail, presenting Hanseatic tech-house with brittle percussion, minimalist melodies, and grayscale moods. Theres a kind of sleight of hand involved in computer musica neat nip/tuck thats needed so the listener hears the various threads as a tightly braided whole, and not each stringy bit chafing against your brain. This is music, after all, which is meant to mesmerize. The first cut on this release, Steinhoff and Hammoudas Chestnut Way, nearly gets there, but too little attention seems to have been paid to where the drums sit in the mix, and the track sounds too much like a conscious imitation of the style it seeks to become. If I were at the record store, itd be the offer of the Sten (Lawrence) track thatd hook me, and sure enough, this ones a beauty, driven by a dry, ding-donging cathedral bell synth line that works like a gothic rendition of a Larry Heard tune. If you heard Faces off the Sender compilation a few years back, you know what to expectthe compositional formula here is almost identical. DJ Swaps Blue, with its blunt steel drum-sounding motif and metronomic drums, relies on slowly, sweetly doing your head in. It all sounds okay, but somewhere around the four-minute mark you get jarred, or bored, when you realize what youre listening to is more like an arrangement of cool sounds than a track. Magda-cribbing collage mixers could easily take their favorite four bars from this and re:make it into something, but as it is, this ones a chore.

Smallville Records / SMALLVILLE001
[Peter Chambers]

February 2, 2007

3 Chairs - No Drum Machine Pt. 2


Rick Whilhite, Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittmann, and Kenny Dixon, Jr. are all quite capable of getting it done on their own, and so when they get together, something special usually happens, but this four-tracker of shag-carpet deeposity is a bit more abstract than you might expect. The title track opens things with a bongo-and-organ riff that shuffles along through deep space, flashes of noise and other weird bits whizzing by as if they dont have a care in the world. This is light years from the sort of floor-fillers you might expect, but Camillion gamely tries to move asses with some intricate hi-hat patterns and jazzy chords and riffs, and Congo Mambo moves in a Latin direction while staying dead mellow and low-key. The sample heavy and thoroughly filtered BABO is a bit puzzling (and also sorta funky), but this is clearly music aimed at the after hours set rather than peak time, and at that, it succeeds beautifully.

Three Chairs / 3CH 6
[Todd Hutlock]

January 19, 2007

Pigon - Little Albio Street

Its funny how these things become entrenched, isnt itthose unwritten rules within genres: try having a coolsie guitar band without The in the title (hey, The Titles, that works). Its an equally impossible feat to be a German producer without pseudonyms, alter egos, and aliases, it seems. Pigon is Efdemins straight shooting dark techno cousin, with bigger balls and bells and less tears, for your dancefloor delectation.

May in Little Albio Street is still waiting for those darling buds to burst forth, by the sounds of things. Pigons vision of the place has one track imagining 90s Detroit imagining deep space and the other few bouncing through loops full of driving melancholy. It all works well enough, but theres a touch of the empties about the rigid corners, and not enough of those sweet, smoky memories that Efdemins best work evokes. The B-side November in Little Albio Street suffers from the same stiffness, but with a plug-in borrowed off Lawrences desktop for the main melodic motif, and could almost be a Peter Kersten co-write. Like the A, its a nice ride that putts along, but never really soars.

Dial / dial 33
[Peter Chambers]

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