February 24, 2006

D-Saw / Euphorhythm - Track 10:30 / Patrik (Dr. Motte’s 1997 Mix)

Given that it was initiated under the pretense that it would explore “unconditional love to timeless music,” and given that each track on Immer is a personal favorite of Mr. Michael Mayer, this Kompakt off-shoot is basically a chance for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to know the man to still take a peek into his bag of tricks. D-Saw’s “Track 10:30″ begins with an aural illusion that morphs back and forth across time signatures, and just when it seems to enter an endless lock groove, a sky-sized drum falls out of the sky and smashes the entire track. The product of this union is a celestial piece of German rave, and, yes, trance. With a bass line that brings to mind Kraftwerk’s “Aero Dynamik,” Mayer drops another trance bomb on us for the b-side, Euphorhythm’s “Patrik (Dr. Motte’s 1997 Mix).” It feels good, dirty, and frankly, makes those of us who never actually owned a glow stick a bit jealous.

Immer / 002
[Cameron Octigan]