June 30, 2006

D.P. - Krakau


The legendary Betke is back. For his first release in a few years, he comes with ~scape compatriot Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat and Crackhaus) to produce….two new Deadbeat and Crackhaus songs. Seriously, Pole’s legendary studio monkey wrench is not heard here. Fortunately, the signature Deadbeat sound of drumsticks sweating like after-hours rain begins the track “In Red.” A steady, dub rhythm then walks in circles while synth-lines speed by and squeal like crosstown traffic. “In Blue” on the flip grinds to a stiff microhouse beat that’s curiously punctuated by a man whispering “sika-da, sika-da, sika-da.” Despite the house party of one grooves, Krakau is more rerun than step forward.

Echochord / echocord18
[Cameron Macdonald]