November 10, 2006

Cosmo Vitelli - Delayer

Like you, I checked this out for the Quiet Village remix. It’s OK—basically bigger drum breaks and a pronounced italo stutter over electro-house that’s more funky than Franco—but the surprise winner is the a-side. Questione Seria! Next to earlier twelves of CV’s, which were boiler if you ask me, this platter’s much more streamlined, less about the build, more about the groove (i.e. if Archigram were blacker, spacier, more Norwegian). And actually “I Feel Space” might be a nice foil here: if that track was all icy blues, “Delayer” is bright red and yellows, and up there with that Kris Menace/Lifelike “I Feel Music…” remix as one of the best filter tracks this year.

I’m A Cliché / CLICHÉ 009
[Nick Sylvester]