December 1, 2006

Copacabannark - Les Sables de… EP

Copacabannark (Cabanne and Ark) are both adherents to that wonderfully strange, hectic, sample-overloaded incarnation of microhouse made famous by Circus Company, Karat, Katapult, and the like. It’s a hypermosaic of house, electronica, and hip-hop, and it’s the antidote to every type of boring, uniform or cheesy form of house music you can imagine. “Les Sables de…” follows on from the sound signature forged through their respective releases on the abovementioned labels and consolidates on the quirky, bouncy tracks they released together on 2004’s “To Beach or Not to Beach” on Perlon. All four of the workouts are good, solid cut-up numbers that use layers of kicks to ground the manic microsampling above, but it’s both of the B-sides that take the cake—especially “Ouane Forzeshow,” which has a nice string sample running through proceedings and a touch of the deep. It’s hardly a break with their previous efforts, and if you don’t dig the sound you’re unlikely to be converted, but for those already enamored of this bounciest of tomfooleries, here’s another four fine slabs of creaturefunk.

Minibar / mb006
[Peter Chambers]