November 17, 2006

Thomas Brinkmann /Alex Under - Naranja Monje


After the decidedly un-Brinkmann-like Lucky Hands LP in 2005, electronic pioneer Thomas Brinkmann has been a bit quiet, and from the sounds of his track on this split EP with Spaniard Alex Under, he’s spent that time honing his old sound rather than moving further away from it. Brinkmann’s “128 Rua Villalobos” sounds like it could have been lifted directly from one of his singles circa 2000, an up-tempo, Basic Channel-style dub workout that doesn’t do much but sounds oh so good doing it. Buoyed by that familiar looping, loping style, Brinkmann’s side slips on like an old comfortable shoe, pulsing along with that familiar rhythmic invention and phasing technique that made that style so irresistible in the first place. CMYK boss Alex Under, for his part, heads in the opposite direction, with the jumping “Naran Jamón, jejeje,” following in the funky footsteps of his EPs on Plus 8, Apnea, and Trapez from earlier this year—rollicking, bumpy, and full of shifting layers of clicky percussion that keeps the action moving along with regularity, with a really nice breakdown series in the middle to top it off.

CMYK Musik / CMYK009
[Todd Hutlock]

November 17, 2006

Charts: November 17 2006

Todd Hutlock
Alex Under - Naran Jamón, jejeje [CMYK Musik]
Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer [Playhouse]
Robert Hood - Still Hear [Music Man]
Unknown Artist - #100 [Wooling]
Konrad Black - Coma Couch Surfing [Items & Things]
The Knife - We Share Our Mother’s Health (Radioslave Remix) [Brille/Mute]
Tres Demented - Demented Drums [Planet E]
Kate Simko - Strumm (Jonas Bering Remix) [Kupei]
Lindstrom - Take Me To The Metro [Capricious]
Gaiser - Neural Block [Minus]

Michael F. Gill
Zwicker – Made Up [Compost Black Label]
Yennek – Without (Acapella Mix) [Substance]
Jeff Mills – The Art of Connecting [Nextera/Axis]
Pieces of a Dream – Warm Weather [Elektra]
The Temptations – Zoom [Motown]
Jorge Santana – Darling I Love You [Underdog Edits]
Bjork – Pagan Poetry (Ripperton Remix) [White]
Jomanda – Got a Love for You (Hurley’s House mix) [Warner / Big Beat]
Todd Edwards – The Journey [i! Records]
Klimek – Music to Fall Asleep [Kompakt]

November 3, 2006

Charts: November 3 2006

Todd Hutlock
Isolée - Willy Skipper [Playhouse]
Shakir - Sequence 10 [Virgin]
Thomas Brinkmann - 128 Rua Villalobos [CMYK Musik]
Andy Stott - Nervous [Modern Love]
Ricardo Villalobos - Heike (Mood Mix) [Lofi Stereo]
Trentemøller - Le Champagne [Naked Music]
Domink Eulberg - Blueten Sind Dem Grossem Schillerfalter Fremd (Renato Figoli Remix) [Traum Schallplatten]
Anders Ilar - A Day Ago [Narita]
Jeff Mills - Fists of Fury [Axis]
Plaid - Scoobs in Colombia [Warp]

Michael F. Gill
Yabby You - Run Come Rally [Prophet]
Sparkle - Disco Madness [Jam Sessions Records]
The Brides Of Funkenstein - War Ship Touchante [Atlantic]
Night Moves - Transdance (NY Disco Mix) [GC Recordings]
T. Life - Somethin’ That You Do To Me (Keeps Turning Me On) [Arista]
Octogen - Save Your Saviour [Soma]
Cant - Camels [Tic Tac Toe Records]
Stereo Mutants feat. Emelia Dabrowski - I Wonder (Stereo Mutants Afro Rmx) [Diamondhouse]
James Flavour - Eternity [Players Paradise]
Laurent Garnier - Controlling The House (Frederic De Carvalho Remix) [Absolut Freak Records]

February 24, 2006

In The Mix: Todd Burns


Lump – Better Eat Strawberries [Mental Groove]
Tadeo – Granada Granada [CMYK Musik]
Fusiphorm – Am I [Foundsound]
Ellen Allien and Apparat – Do Not Break [Bpitch Control]
Jaumëtic – Un Avion Japonés [Regular]
Booka Shade – In White Rooms [Get Physical]
Shane Berry – Fillertet 2 [Trapez]
Daso – Until I Find You [My Best Friend]
Kaito – We Were Born Here [Kompakt]