September 4, 2007

Andy Stott - Fear of Heights


Aside from relentless bleakness and a highly developed sense of minute sound-design, the hallmark of Andy Stott’s music is its continual restructuring. As a child, I used to build my Lego castles as per the instructions, but only the first time. The subsequent re-builds would slowly deviate, riffing around the structures of the original but adding, subtracting and supplementing elements, to the point where my later creations were unrecognisable as mutants of the original. I don’t mean to give myself airs by saying “I once owned a castle” or that my childish re-builds were in any way as creative as Stott’s music. I mention this to emphasise that, perhaps more than any other contemporary techno artist, Stott has mastered modularity with a playful, seemingly effortless ability to build completely novel structures into every track, despite the fact that each one is made out of similar sounds.

“Fear of Heights” takes the woofer-busting bass from “Handle with Care” and throws it over a new rhythm, with sharp, reverbed hats and a haunting melody where the rising call of one synth is met by the reedy fall of the other. It’s mind is Mancunian gloom, but the physical parts are precious high-gloss Dial darkness. “Made your Point” follows the rhythmic template of Claro Intelecto’s Warehouse Sessions, but, as is the norm now, the “student” outdoes the master, playfully rendering the Modern Love sound several shades darker in colour and lighter in touch. Again, the bassline is massive this one rumbles just below the reach of small speakers, only to come humming out of a large system like the sudden presence of a heretofore un-named ghost.

Modern Love / LOVE 37
[Peter Chambers]

March 30, 2007

Beatzcast #25: Nativespeaker (Peter Chambers)


Nativespeaker - dysappearance

01: Louderbach - For Lack of a Better Solution [buy]
02: DJ Koze - Madame Zifandl [buy]
03: Sleeparchive - Image Photometer [buy]
04: Studio 1 - Gold [buy]
05: Auch - Tomorrow Goodbye (Villalobos mix) [buy]
06: NSI - Clara Ghavami (extended) [buy]
07: Efdemin - Post Script Blues [buy]
08: Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies [buy]
09: Plastikman - Hypokondriak [buy]
10: Pansonic - Pyokki Halko [buy]
11: Claro Intelecto - New Dawn [buy]
12: Nike.Bordom - Unfinished Symphony [buy]
13: Bjrk - Headphones ( mix) [buy]

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December 22, 2006

2006 Year In Review: Individual Writer Lists

As a companion piece to our 2006 year in review, here are the individual lists/charts from each of our contributors. Happy reading…


November 3, 2006

Andy Stott - The Nervous EP

Andy Stott borrows his sound palette from surgery; these deep, clean cuts get right under your skin and aim for the wires of your nerves. Theres a delicate brutality in the way Stott pulls living rhythms out of the beats and cut them into time/pieces. This is Modern Loveand like label-founder Claro Intelectos recent Patience EP and the classic Peace of Mind, this is an electroromance: solid-state siren songs for the eternally lost object. Nervous is a tight, tantalising deep techno number that creeps, then looms, then swarms all over you. The percussion is clipped and calm, with a wonderful use of warm, low subs to bed-in the mix; while the synths stab, cluster, and recoil over the top. Its an exceptionally well-composed track, and by contemporary standards, outrageously brief at only 3:54. Shes Gone Wrong works off the same tools and cool intentions, but takes everything to the nth degree. Theres a fabulous interplay here of sub-bass, classically electro-tech percussion which builds and breaks and, again, the wonderful ebb and flow of atmospheric, menacing synth lines that move like the quiet arcs of the aurora. If youre feeling fragile and need cheering up, then this is hardly the stuff to put the smile back on your dial. But where the neurons crave hard signals across steely skies, this is a kind of beauty.

Modern Love / Love025
[Peter Chambers]

August 25, 2006

Pantha du Prince - Lichten / Walden

If Dial have always lived in the dark haze of the northern winter, then, until recently, its artists have been in a double darkness, being in the shadow of Peter Kerstens exquisite Sten and Lawrence releases. Along with Efdemin and Nike.Bordom, Pantha du Prince have recently stepped into the silvery light with releases that clearly sublimate the sadness into their own high-gloss vision. Lichten and Walden complement each other neatly: the former bounces along on a bassline that wants to keep evaporating into chimes, but never quite makes it there, (anti-) climaxing somewhere between thawing and freezing. Walden is the shyer cousin, but like Lichten, works on a grand scale, slowly winding and unwinding itself around sounds reminiscent of distant cathedral bells, long lost summer dance-floors and sudden, brief cloudbreaks. Dial, like Anders Ilar, Claro Intelecto, and recent work by Jacek Sienkiewicz, all seem to be drawing us back to that vision of deep, lonely techno that exists far away from the sweat and hedonism of its others.

Dial / dial 29
[Peter Chambers]

July 28, 2006

Charts: July 28 2006

Guest Charts

Dave Clarke [Music Man]
Ulterior The Death of Everything [Advanced]
Smith & Selway Blink of an Eye [CDR]
Antony Rother Youth [Datapunk]
Redshape Shaped World [Delsin]
DJ XentriX Driving Higher [CDR]
Advent Templar [Etrx 30]
Noirdegout Sharks Bay [CDR]
Poni Hoax Budapest [Tigersushi]
Dcast Dynamics Trans Migrations [Southern Outpost]
Adam Jay Goathead [CDR]

Deetron [Music Man]
Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions Vol. 3 [Modern Love]
Rejected - SL3 [CDR]
Cobblestone Jazz - Dumb Truck EP [Wagon Repair]
Lost Trax - The Saturiun System [SCSI]
Atjazz - For Real [Innervisions]
The Sun God - Relics & Artifacts [Frantic Flowers]
DJ Yellow Goddess [Ovum]
Ferrer & Sydenham - The back door [Ibadan]
Samuel L - Smokestack [Klap Klap]
Master H Unit - Hard time [F… U!]

DJ Strobocop [Karaoke Kalk]
DJ Jus-Ed Presents Unity Kolabo EP [Underground Quality]
L.B. Dub Corp - L.B. Dub Corp [Mote-Evolver]
Tobias Street Knowledge [Logistic]
Chicago Without Makeup [Lets Pet Puppies]
Dinky Home on a Sunday [Horizontal]
Rekid Next Stop Chicago (Jesse Rose Remix) [Rekid]
Junction SM Junction SM [Kalk Pets 06]
Cassy 1 Cassy 1 [Cassy]
Hugh Masekela The Boys Doin It (Carl Craig Remix) [Verve]
JBP Aphrotalk [Soul Jazz]

Magda [Minus]
Heartthrob - Proximation
Microfunk - The White Room
Tractile - Silent Room
Audion - Mouth to Mouth
Tractile - To Go To
Osvaldo - Valeria No More Vampires
Ryan Crosson - Squarehead
Daze Maxim - Simply Driving Gold
Seth Troxler - CLP
Elsubtracto - Box Fan
Matt Star - Art of M

Eglantine Gouzy [Monika / Osaka]
Young Marble Giants Eating Noddemix [Crepuscule]
Animal Collective Prospect Hummer [Fatcat]
Gang Gang Dance Glory in Itself [The Social Registry]
Polmo Polpo Requiem for a Fox [Constellation]
Tom ZE Toc [Luaka Bop]
Silver Apples Misty Mountains [KAPP]
Pretty Things The Good Mr Square [Snapper]
Architecture in Helsinki It’s 5 [Tailem Bend]
White Noise Love Without Sound [Polygram]
Television Personalities Velvet Underground [Domino]
Smog Rock Bottom Riser [Domino]
The Slits Earth Beat [Rough Trade]

April 10, 2006

Charts: April 10 2006

Mallory O’Donnell
Pier Bucci - L’nuit (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
Jimmy Edgar - My Beats
Linus Loves - The Terrace
Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away (Riton Re-Rub)
Mash - Somebody’s Property (Zones Mix)
The SOS Band - Just Be Good to Me
New Order - Blue Monday 1988
Palermo Disko Machine - Shake Dat Shit
Lindstrom - I Feel Space (Freeform Five Remix)

Cameron Octigan
Claro Intelecto - Peace of Mind
Defender Bliss
Dexter Acid Lullaby
Fairmont Gazebo (Sebastian Lger Remix)
Gabriel Ananda Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie
Lindstrom I Feel Space (Freeform Five Remix)
Marek Bois You Got Good Ash
The Rice Twins For Penny and Alexis
Royksopp Beautiful Day Without You (Rex the Dog Remix)
Sebastian Smoking Kills

Michael F. Gill
Chateau Flight - Cosmic Race
Aqua Bassino - Im a Believer
Onur zer - Twilight
Four Below Zero - My Babys Got ESP
Blake Baxter - Sexuality
Maurizio Domina (Carl Craig’s Mind Mix)
Sun Palace - Rude Movements
Sing-Sing - Hit & Run
LB - Ashes To Ashes
Fingers Inc - Distant Planet

March 10, 2006

Charts: March 10 2006

Mallory ODonnell
Soft Cell - Seedy Films
Gaznevada - IC Love Affair (Chinese Version)
Kano - Baby Not Tonight
Erasure - Love to Hate You
Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven (Larry Levan Remix)
Don Ray - Standing in the Rain
Telex - Moskow Diskow
Machine - There But For the Grace of God Go I (Remix)
Underworld - Dirty Epic
New Order - Video 5.8.6

Cameron Octigan
Alexander Robotnik - Problemes Damour
Claro Intelecto Peace of Mind
Claude Von Stroke - Chimps
Joakim - Wish You Were Gone (Dub)
Konrad Black - Medusa Smile (Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t Look Back)
Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis
Mathew Jonson - Decompression
Mikkel Metal - Victimizer
Nathan Fake - Charlies House (Apparat Remix)
Scsi-9 - On The Edge
Sebastian - Smoking Lills

Nate DeYoung
Sleeparchive - Radio Transmission
Mobius Band The Loving Sounds of Static (Junior Boys Remix)
Peter Grummich - The Roll
Mark Broom - From London with Love…
Pantytec - Maybe
Break 3000 - Lights
Delon + Dalcan - La Migale Infernale
Daso - Go Upstairs
Jonas Bering - Behind this Silence
Nhar - Adrenochrome EP

Michael F. Gill
DJ Goon & DJ Koyote - Diamond Grills
Marcellus Pittman - M. Pittman EP #2
Fuckpony Dave Brubeck
Fela Kuti Ako
Quentin Harris - Lets Be Young
Sutekh Fire Weather
Virgo Mechanically Replayed
Barbara Mason Yes, Im Ready
Kid You Dont Like My Music (Hupendi Muzikil Wangu)
E.G. Daily Say It Say It

February 24, 2006

Charts: February 24 2006

Guest Chart
Alex Smoke, Soma

01. Sleepless Crew - Spell House
02. Murmur - Section EP
03. Automat - Preludes
04. Tangible - Game Over
05. The Policy Unit - Arp Egg
06. Sixtoo - Songs From “Next: A Primer On Urban Painting”
07. Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions Vol.1
08. Poke - Poker 11:34
09. Villalobos - Achso
10. Break 3000 - Light

Mallory ODonnell
Codebreaker - Caller
Colder - To the Music (Engel Remix)
Chromeo - Needy Girl (Phillipe Zdar Dub)
Telex - On the Road Again (Marco Passarani Remix)
The Knife - Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Cicuits Remix)
Francisco - Venti Venti
Shit Robot - Triumph
Alex Smoke - Meany
Prince - Black Sweat
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Leave Me Alone
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl (Feel PM)
Kid Frost - La Raza

Todd Hutlock
0733 - Record Bass Story
Jeff Samuel - Endpoint
New Order - Fine Time (Silk Mix)
Villalobos - For Disco Only 2
Jeff Mills - Circus (reworked)
Underground Resistance - Ma Ya Ya
Berg Nixon - Box Escape EP
Osborne - Daylight (Isolee Rmx)
LNR - Work It To The Bone
Pier Bucci - Familia

Michael F. Gill
[a]pendics Shuffle Dirty Bed
Kirk Degiorgio - EP4
Dominik Eulberg - Blueten Sind Dem Grossen Schillerfalter Fremd
Serafin Starship Discotheque
Kerri Chandler - Sunshine & Twilight
Wookie Battle
Mark E Scared
Tod Foster Dancin
The Glass Family Crazy
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr Shine On Silver Moon

January 27, 2006

Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions Volume 1

Perhaps all the gushing blurbs he received at were enough to convince Mark Stewart to bring his Claro Intelecto project over to Boomkats Modern Love label, as he releases his third 12 for the label this month. While failing to reach any of his previous highpoints, both sides are intended to showcase a more minimal, club ready, four-on-the-floor approach than Stewart is known for. Despite this objective, the atmosphere remains purely murky and gloomy throughout, and even a bit sluggish on New Dawn, which suggests that Stewart might need to get out a bit more. So its decent as a placeholder during a warm up set, but lets hope Volume 2 has a bit more oomph to it.

Modern Love / 020
[Michael F. Gill]