July 28, 2006

Chris Tietjen - Eins

Here’s a funny little stat for you: over the course of its five year history, Sven Väth’s Cocoon label has released 14 mix CDs and five label comps, but only 22 singles (at least at the time the liners here were written; they have since added five more). Odd ratio, that. In any case, Chris Tietjen gets the mixing honors this time out and draws exclusively upon Cocoon’s 12-inch catalog from 2001 to 2005. Given the relatively small size of his palate (only 19 singles at that point!), Tietjen makes it work, albeit only using 11 tracks to do so, light years away from the 20-plus track numbers that many are used to. What he lacks in volume of material, however, Tietjen makes up for with quality selections, as classics here from Roman Flügel, Dinky (in a killer Tobi Neumann remix), Anthony Rother, Pig and Dan (covering Yello’s classic “Oh Yeah”), and Legowelt get the job done. The sounds vary here from tech-house, to minimalism, to throbbing Euro-lectro, but he seems to have picked the cream of the crop from each. Perhaps it’s not as seamless as one might expect in these days of computer-aided mixing (this mix was done old-school style on two decks), but every track here is a winner and the mix actually flows pretty well, given the diversity of the material. That diversity can be a strength or a weakness, however, depending on what you look for in a mix album.

Cocoon / COR MIX 014

[Todd Hutlock]