March 2, 2007

Benjamin Fehr/FFWD - Truth & Consequences Remix EP

I will confess right off the bat: not only have I never heard the original versions of the two tracks remixed here, Iíve never even heard of Benjamin Fehr or his alias as FFWD (the sleeve lists both, so who knows exactly how he wants to be billed now?) But a Ricardo Villalobos remix of Barry Manilow would likely get me to at least sit still and listen for the requisite 10 to 17 minutes, so why not give this a shot too? Sure enough, the mad Chilean beats are still jackiní and the noises and samples and filtered vocals and warm rub-a-dub bass hum create a suitably fun and funky track, but it all feels a bit skeletal, almost as if he didnít care much for the original track and merely stuck the elements into his mental blender and spit this out, fully formed.

There arenít enough of those sharp left turns or totally jaw-dropping/sublime moments heís known for, and they are missed (although one big keyboard stab near the end comes close). Still, if this is Villalobos on autopilot (and it sounds like it is), the man is probably shitting out solid gold eggs as I write this. Oh yeah, and Falko Brocksieper turns in a mix on the flip. Itís built up on this sort of unpleasant grunting sample, a looped ďfuck you, fuck meĒ vocal clip, and some routine chugging beatwork. Not bad, but nothing to make you stop from flipping the record over and playing the Villalobos mix again looking for little bits you might have missed either.

Catenaccio / CCCO 06
[Todd Hutlock]