August 25, 2005

The KLF - Justified and Ancient


This 12” sees the series of KLF remixes continue in fine style. Deichkind, a German three piece “electronic superdanceband” takes the A-side and turns the title track into a perfectly competent jangly rock tune, while the B-side sees (underrated-for-a-reason) producer Mathias Schaffhäuser compile a piece that is just as unremarkable and forgettable. Done in differing styles, this 12” proves that the KLF were working from a textbook on how to write hit songs—all of the elements are here. What that textbook never told us, though, is that it takes a bit of personality to push them over the top, something these versions undoubtedly don’t.

Blaou Sounds / Blaou 037
[Todd Burns]