February 23, 2007

Blackbelt Andersen - Alfaz de Pi


Blackbelt Andersen is the scruffier dog on Full Pupp. His workouts, in comparison to Prins Thomas’ more polished epics, are stripped, raw and grunting, like his wonderful remix of “Goettsching” from 2005, which added that extra amount of “grrrr” the original needed. “Alfaz de Pi” continues in the same vein as his previous tracks, showing (to me at least) an inchoate connection between the Norwegian space-disco sound and Carl Craig’s Paperclip People project by combining sampled disco percussion with delayed vocals and mids-heavy acid lines just begging for some further filter abuse from the lad(d)y at the controls.

The title track is propelled into twisted tone-pot territory with a repeated “tscha” utterance and some congas, and would make a neat way of transitioning into freak time. “Snake Eyes” sways along on layers of dubbed out drums samples which find their way toward a very Detroit synth melody. “Sandoz” starts off with a very dry, almost Metro-Area electro-disco feel, and slowly evaporates into a big, spaced out synthscape with a deliciously fluffy, euphoric feel. This is a really nicely put together EP with three congruent yet diverse sounds and grooves for those who love their space disco acidic. Well worth checking.

Full Pupp / FP07
[Peter Chambers]