December 2, 2005

Benjamin Diamond / Connective Zone - Inner Cycle / Function


People (never) ask me, “Todd, what’s a good song to gently ease myself into dance music?” I now have my 12” to hand them and send them on their way. Divided seamlessly into two emotionally-over-the-top parts, the seventeen-minute opus “Inner Cycle” is probably one of the best things (re-)released via Kompakt ever. It’s an acid-pop-house gem that moves from great to astounding along its length, until it gets to a coda that reaffirms why I listen to dance music. And, yes, he’s still the guy that sang on “Music Sounds Better With You.” You could probably spin “Function” till the end of time, too, and be rather content.

Immer / IMMER 001
[Todd Burns]