July 28, 2006

Aswefall - Youngeez

Listening to Paris’s Aswefall is like attending an electroclash/new-wave/electro-punk club for the fifth year in a row. You see the same 20 faces, the sounds never change, and the fashion still reeks of a fictional ‘80s chic, but you still come for the cheap thrills and romance. The band’s original cut of “Youngeez” is a glum, New Romantic disco dirge whose meldodrama is betrayed by a ditzy, clap-along beat and deep, soulfully mumbled lyrics like “How could I ever be real? / And make it to the end of the deal?” Shaeben & Voss’s remix thankfully cuts the fluff and lets a gnashing bassline swelter the air, while Naum (the Optimo DJ duo in disguise) delivers a Big Beat-meets-oatmeal rock stomp that is barely saved by the squealing, hairsprayed keyboards. How did I make to the end of this deal?

Kill the DJ / KTDJ 003

[Cameron Macdonald]