October 13, 2006

Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Intelligence Reframed EP

Santiago Ferrer, a.k.a. Xpansul, apparently has a fear of being alone in the studio, as only one of his six singles to date has not been a collaboration with another artist. This time out, Santiago teams again with Alexi Delano and the resultant four-tracker is a chip off the old Plus 8 block, falling in line with the label’s history for straight dancefloor techno with a flair. Opener “Echolocation” bounces around with some frayed-wire noises, modulated riffs, and a bouncy rhythm that manages to sound tight and slightly unhinged at the same time. “Cosmic Antipathy” follows up with a neat looped riff and some ping-ponging electro-style stabs, while “Vegetotherapy” is the most floor-friendly track here, with a regulated 4/4, nifty shuffling hi-hat pattern, and inspired percussion fills, and closer “Meta-Intellectual” drops some metallic percussion in the cosmic slop next to some tasty twanging. Treading the fine line between all over the place and immaculately constructed, Intelligence Reframed fits right in with the Plus 8 ethos.

Plus 8 / PLUS8092
[Todd Hutlock]

October 6, 2006

Charts: October 6 2006

Guest Chart: Steve Bug, Poker Flat

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Todd Hutlock
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Justin Martin & Sammy D - Swamp Thang (Claude VonStroke Swamp Rat Mix) [Dirtybird]
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Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Vegetotherapy [Plus 8]
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Ronan Fitzgerald
Gummihz - Isolate (Sebo K Remix) [Mobilee]
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