September 8, 2006

Dntel - Jukebox Series #10


Precious little jewels! In two tracks and less than eight minutes, Dntel and Mia Doi Todd re-affirm their reputation as two of the most interesting talents working in the strange, difficult gaps between indie and electronica. Like a lot of the work on Life Is Full of Possibilities, both “Rock My Boat” and “Everything’s Tricks” require close, repeated listening to surrender a portion of the quality crafted into them. They’re both much larger than their run-time, and require repetition to unpack fully. The reward for your efforts is a beautiful pop song and a wonderful instrumental, both of which blend found sounds, samples, synths, beats, and instruments together into a delicately balanced mélange that’s only shy of giving itself up for knowing it’s got so much to offer. If you enjoyed Dntel’s earlier work, this is (as they say) a “must have.”

Aim Records / 100-10
[Peter Chambers]