December 15, 2006

Africans With Mainframes - Mogadishu


Sometimes you wonder why he releases his weaker material, but when he’s on it, Jamal Moss is the heir apparent to the jack masters of old. These four amazing, jammed, slammed, jacking machine workouts with Noleian Reusse are doing acid in your ear. This is “proper” techno, made the old-school way, for the pure pleasure of the resonance and the wildness of the frequencies, as “lo-fi” as they may objectively sound. This is the hot, wet response to sleeparchive’s cold, dry machine drum beats, or the dark cousin of Tadd Mullinix’ wilder journeys into the freq as JTC or TNT. The goodness begins with “Faso”, which tumbles through a sea of snares and a filtered, low pH melody until it finds the floor with a flood of toms, and then brings the boom. “Djbouti” starts with everything delayed to buggery, conjuring the groove up from a series of beats which come thuddering back in the loop one on top of the other. “Yaounde” rolls with a massive, flanged out melodies and a tweaked up, seasick groove that nearly looses its lunch somewhere in the effects chain. Are drum machines animal? These ones are.

Crème Organization / Crème 12-28
[Peter Chambers]

December 15, 2006

Beatzcast #14



01: Kevin Gorman - DMX
02: The Whip - Trash
03: Africans with Mainframes - Djibouti
04: Kevin Gorman - Riddim
05: Krikor - No More
06: Fox ‘n’ Wolf - In Yr Underwear
07: Broke - Overhat
08: Jeff Bennett - Surface Diving