February 24, 2006

[A]pendics.Shuffle - Hot Guardian & The Freestyle Formula


Following in the hotness of the recent Pheek 12”, Kenneth James Gibson ([a]pendics.shuffle) delivers one of his best singles to date for his own Adjunct label. Much more raw and jackin’ than his releases on Orac, the lead cut “Dirty Bed” is an instantly addictive low-end monster, with an ominously sleazy vocal and some aggressively wet stabs of acid. The Westend Ghetto remix of “Dirty Bed” is rather similar but gives the track a bit more room to breathe, cutting up the vocals and using them more sparsely. Rounding things off is another bass-heavy swinger, “Optimal Clamour,” that veers close to sounding like a nasty dub of Green Velvet. Recommended.

Adjunct / 004
[Michael F. Gill]

February 10, 2006

Pheek - Ideal Love

Adjunct, run by Orac’s Apendics Shuffle, is becoming another North American minimal label to watch out for. For their first non-compilation 12”, Montreal’s Pheek delivers three organic splashes of gooey minimal house that never calls presence to itself. This is a good thing though, as the ear is kept very busy by the crosscurrent ripples of gurgling synthetic water that dominate the entire EP. It’s such a defined timbre and tone, that any melody or progression would be like letting the air out of a vacuum. Provided you’ve got an ear for early Perlon-esque squiggles, “Ideal Love” encourages many repeat listens.

Adjunct / 003
[Michael F. Gill]