September 8, 2006

33 1/3 Queen - Volume Two


Here’s a real EP, covering a wide spectrum of taste and sound, re-presenting the past into a neat present. For those of you too young to remember or too jaded to care, 33/3 Queen’s “Searchin” was a big, main room stomper on Nu-Groove records back in 1990. Re-appearing here in Rob Rives’ (Floppy Sound) re-blessed form, the original has lost none of its jarring, full-bore impact. It’s the kind of record that most will find tasteless, some will discover as a guilty pleasure, while other perverted souls will gush over it endlessly. The B is the “opposite” side, in more ways than mood; both Ray Mang’s deliciously fu(n/c)ked up version of “Disco Four” and DJ Spun’s stripped-back edit of “Steal Blue” work via subtlety. If the A brutalises you with beats, the Bs frot you with the funk. Spun’s edit would almost work best as a mixing tool, making it “useful” but not wonderful, unless you’re part of that rare breed of disco-mnml lovers I’ve heard rumours about. Mang’s mix, utilizing a super-infectious guitar loop and full array of background explosions, reverbs, and “weird noises” (including what sounds like the Powerbook “error” effect at one stage) is the pick of the EP, but having all three together on one piece of wax would be a worthy and interesting proposal.

Tu-Rong / TR-003
[Peter Chambers]