April 24, 2006

In Flagranti – Genital Blue Room

Maybe I’m just a lover of B-sides, but this three-track EP is another release that only comes near to catching fire on the flipside. “Genital Blue Room,” which gets knocked for the awful title alone, sounds like a castoff Felix b-side from three years ago, and the second number, “Subvariety,” is nothing more than an annoying drums-and-bass loop that recalls the lamest thirty seconds of a genero-house single bunched into three minutes of pure displeasure. “Uncanny Hinting,” on the other hand, has a querulous name and an undeniable groove—chopped-up disco breaks whacked together with military precision, served hot to order. Unfortunately, like its two predecessors, it does almost nothing over the course of six minutes and you spend your time scratching your head, knowing you’ve heard the various songs it samples / rips off, but unable to work up a groove strong enough to remember exactly what they are.

Codek / 010
[Mallory O’Donnell]


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