April 24, 2006

Headman / Tomboy - Rong Hands Dub / 3 EP

A fresh German 12″ in an American store arriving months after its initial release? $9.49. Two new Gomma joints on the same Tuesday? Priceless. First up, Headman brings us the “Rong Hands (Dub),” previously aired on the Gomma Gang 3 compilation, a fine old belt of the acid-house your daddy kept hidden in the cabinet above the stove. But if legendary rock producer Bruce Dickinson heard the flipside, “Upstart,” he might have to acknowledge the presence of not more but most cowbell. Add that to what sounds suspiciously like a Corey Hart sample and you’ve got bonehead roller-disco heaven. Tomboy brought some sick-ass bootyfunk dubplates to bear on the aforementioned Gomma Gang 3, and his / her / its new 12″ is naught but more grist for the naughty mill. Opening with “I/U,” which revolves clappity-clap drums around a ridiculous blurty bassline, it only gets better on “Finale,” a more overtly “micro” number that answers that age-old question, “What would the Tom Tom Club do if they were locked in an Argentine jail with nothing but two fingers, an aging Casio, and an echobox?” On the flipside, things get even (is it possible?) hotter with “Itchi Feet” and its ‘extra beats’ corollary “Itchi Beat” - the bastard child of someone’s sick mating of 2005’s Tiefschwarz remixes with 1985’s Chicago House. Thank you sir, may I have another?

Gomma / 062 / 063
[Mallory O’Donnell]


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