June 18, 2007

Chymera - Satura / Arabesque

While it’s A-side evokes shades of Claro’s neo-Detroit classic “Peace of Mind,” “Arabesque” is the one that sticks in your head. It’s nearly twice the length of “Satura,” but it needs the room to stretch out - how else to revel in the neo-prog essentials? (Deep Connaisseur chords and a lithe melody line cutting over top, natch.) The title is kinda despicable in the way that “Orientalesque” might be, but it helps in defining what mental images might pop up along the way so we’ll let it slide this time. As an opening salvo in his 2007 campaign to take over dancefloors (this 12″ was released in January, three others have since followed), Chymera has laid down the gauntlet. It won’t be long before Border Community comes a-calling.

Tishomingo Music / TM007
[Nina Phillips]


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