June 30, 2006

Johnny Dark - Can’t Wait


Kin might have lost the Junior Boys to Domino Records but they’ve retained Johnny Dark, the rhythmic irritant whose programming on the Last Exit album helped keep Jeremy Greenspan’s confused loverman persona the right side of emo passive-aggressiveness. Greenspan appears here on a remix of the Junior Boys “High Come Down,” his plaintive vocals sliced into spastic tics that contrast with the mosaic spit spatter of sampled MC vocalisation. The echolocation hand-percussion and ghostly 80s digital keyboards sound like Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” if it couldn’t keep a meal down. Like all the best 2-step, the beat in(ter)ventions of “Can’t Wait” are like a summer’s day, but this is one where even at it’s hottest you can feel the tingle of electricity on your bare forearms, the warning of the sudden darkness of a coming lightning storm. “Never Happened” and “It’s Too Close” pitch up exultant female voices ‘til they’re plastic smooth—grainless—then balances them unsteadily on waves of bass; like the whole EP it’s vertiginous and exhilarating.

KIN / KIN004
[Patrick McNally]