Staff Top 10
Top Ten Tecmo Super Bowl Players

. QB Eagles

Passing skills plus one of the best running backs in the game. You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

2. Bo Jackson

Bo knows speed running. Bo knows power running. Bo knows baseball. He still can't rap.

3. Joe Montana

The game's best pure passer.

4. Lawrence Taylor

Defensive and Special Teams MVP. Most consistent field goal blocker.

5. Jerry Rice

He's the greatest reciever of all time, video game or no.

6. Christian Okoye

Remember this guy? Almost untacklable.

7. David Fulcher

No one intercepts more.

8. Keith Jackson

The games best TE takes on a special importance with the Pro T Flare, the games best play. That is, when you're not using QB Eagles as a running back.

9. Derrick Thomas

LT Lite

10. Marion Butts

There are many better running backs, but he gets special mention for being the only hope the Chargers have.

By: Ryan Hamilton
Published on: 2002-07-01
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