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Top Ten Random Songs On My Winamp Playlist

top Ten Random Songs On My Winamp Playlist That I'd Forgotten I Had Until They Came Up At 4 In The Morning

10. Kompressor - 'Kompressor Does Not Dance'
Kompressor is a charming young gent whose entire music 'career' is predicted on ripping off 'Nag Nag Nag' and tossing in great lines like "You do not use a Macintosh, instead you use a Tandy/Kompressor break your glowsticks, Kompressor eat your candy". Still mildly entertaining now, this song was my introduction to the schtick and erm, hasn't aged well. To be nice. I was going through an anti-raver phase, okay?

9. Fu Manchu - 'The Wasteoid'
Debris from promo copies down at the ol' student newspaper. The album was decent, but I'm pretty sure the only reason I kept this particular track was because of the SUPER COOL break in the middle where an ulta-synthesized voice says "The Wasteoid". Other than that, it's about as generic as riffage gets.

8. Soul Asylum - 'Misery'
Uhh, I had this album as a kid. I don't really want to talk about it. And I never liked 'Runaway Train'. This song is clearly inferior to 'Just Like Anyone', anyway.

7. Teenage Fanclub - 'Like A Virgin'
Oh man, this song! More perfect than you could possible imagine. The only thing I've been pleased to stumble upon, so far. See, it's like Madonna, but with A Catholic Education grade guitars and Gerard Love doing vocals, so by definition it is PERFECT. And if you want to argue that, you're a fool. He's singing it all for you, see, 'cause only love can last.

6. Sigur Ros - 'Intro'
Why exactly would I save 'Intro's?

5. Morcheeba - 'The Sea'
Less dreadful than I'd feared. I was going to skip it, but then the cat jumped on my shoulders, distracting me. Ooh, look, now she's licking my head. The song, meanwhile, is very tasteful and understated and boring as paint. Drying, of course. I'm not sure where/why I got it.

4. Moby - 'Bond Theme'
Man, for about two days in early high school I thought this was the best thing ever. See, it's like the Bond theme, only all techno. And stuff. Complete with wakka-wakka guitars, occasional beeping, and de rigeur movie soundbite (although, really, couldn't they have done better than "Bond. James Bond."?).

3. The Romantics - 'What I Like About You'
This was mislabelled as being by the Kinks. Not as bad as I downloaded a version of 'Video Killed The Radio Star' by the Pixies and it turned out to be by the Presidents Of The United States Of America, but still disappointing.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion OST - 'Magma Diver'
When my friends and I would get together with computers to play games and stuff, we'd all share our music files. And I'd grab everything I could and then sort through it. This is from an anime, which was pretty cool when we watched the whole series (13 hours, I think?) in one sitting. It's deeply okay soundtrack music, though. If I had a smaller hard drive it would be going.

1. Flying Lizards - 'Money (That's What I Want)'
Okay, so there are two songs I was glad to find. The banging pans for percussion, Patti Paladin's primly British/autistic delivery, the freaky backing vocals - so ahead of it's time. And yet not. I'd go try to find more by them, but I'm worried I'd ruin the mystique.

By: Ian Mathers
Published on: 2003-11-14
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