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2007-01-02Black ChristmasPaolo Cabrelli
2007-01-02The HolidayAmanda Andrade
2007-01-03We Are MarshallFrank Rinaldi
2007-01-04The AuraDave Micevic
2007-01-05The Good GermanPatrick McKay
2007-01-08The History BoysLearned Foote
2007-01-09The Good ShepherdJay Millikan
2007-01-10A Night at the MuseumJeff Weiss
2007-01-11EragonJeffrey Bloomer
2007-01-12Children of MenPatrick McKay
2007-01-16Letters from Iwo JimaBill Weber
2007-01-17When the Levees Broke: A Requi...Andy Slabaugh
2007-01-18Notes on a ScandalNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-01-19Tears of the Black TigerFrank Rinaldi
2007-01-22Perfume: The Story of a MurdererAmanda Andrade
2007-01-23Inland EmpirePatrick McKay
2007-01-24Russian DollsLearned Foote
2007-01-25The Dead GirlNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-01-26DreamgirlsAmanda Andrade
2007-01-29Freedom WritersDave Micevic
2007-01-30Rocky BalboaPaolo Cabrelli
2007-01-31Curse of the Golden FlowerAndy Slabaugh
2007-02-0116 BlocksBrad Luen
2007-02-02Sundance 2007Learned Foote
2007-02-05Alpha DogJeffrey Bloomer
2007-02-06The Pursuit of HappynessDavid Sims
2007-02-07Regular LoversBill Weber
2007-02-08The HitcherJay Millikan
2007-02-09The Lives of Others / The Deco...Nancy Keefe Rh...
2007-02-12Smokin’ AcesJeffrey Bloomer
2007-02-13The HostJim Flanagan
2007-02-14The ItalianNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-02-15Epic MovieAmanda Andrade
2007-02-16Pandora’s BoxPatrick McKay
2007-02-20VenusDavid Sims
2007-02-20Close to HomeNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-02-21Days of GloryNav Purewal
2007-02-22The MessengersDave Micevic
2007-02-23The SituationAndy Slabaugh
2007-02-26Hot FuzzDavid Sims
2007-02-27An Unreasonable ManBill Weber
2007-02-28Running With ScissorsPaolo Cabrelli
2007-03-01The Number 23Patrick McKay
2007-03-02The Wind That Shakes the BarleyNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-03-05Paris, je t’aimeNav Purewal
2007-03-06Notes on Marie MenkenFrank Rinaldi
2007-03-07A Guide to Recognizing Your Sa...Paolo Cabrelli
2007-03-08ZodiacPatrick McKay
2007-03-09The AbandonedDave Micevic
2007-03-12The Astronaut FarmerAndy Slabaugh
2007-03-13300Amanda Andrade
2007-03-14Becoming JaneDavid Sims
2007-03-14Hannibal RisingJeffrey Bloomer
2007-03-15Amazing GraceLearned Foote
2007-03-16Rape of the Sabine WomenFrank Rinaldi
2007-03-19GonePaolo Cabrelli
2007-03-20When a Woman Ascends the StairsAndy Slabaugh
2007-03-21The Comedy of PowerDave Micevic
2007-03-22The Butcher BoyBill Weber
2007-03-23Black Snake MoanNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-03-26Into Great SilenceFrank Rinaldi
2007-03-27Behind the Mask: The Rise of L...Learned Foote
2007-03-27Night TrainPaolo Cabrelli
2007-03-28After the WeddingJim Flanagan
2007-03-29The Hills Have Eyes 2Dave Micevic
2007-03-30NorbitDavid Sims
2007-04-02Blades of GloryLearned Foote
2007-04-03Madame de…David Pratt-Ro...
2007-04-04OffsideBill Weber
2007-04-05Honor de CavalleriaSky Hirschkron
2007-04-06Adam’s ApplesAndy Slabaugh
2007-04-09FoosFrank Rinaldi
2007-04-10GrindhousePatrick McKay
2007-04-11Reign Over MeJeffrey Bloomer
2007-04-16The Burmese Harp / Fires on th...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-04-17Black BookNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-04-18Avenue MontaigneBrad Luen
2007-04-19LunacyMat Dryhurst
2007-04-20The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Col...Dave Micevic
2007-04-23L’Amico di FamigliaPaolo Cabrelli
2007-04-24Election/Triad ElectionFrank Rinaldi
2007-04-25Balzac and the Little Chinese ...Learned Foote
2007-04-26Los MuertosAndy Slabaugh
2007-04-27DisturbiaJeffrey Bloomer
2007-04-30Private Fears in Public PlacesBill Weber
2007-05-01The NamesakeNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-05-02SunshineDavid Sims
2007-05-03The TV SetBrad Luen
2007-05-04Il CaimanoPaolo Cabrelli
2007-05-07Get Thrashed: The Story of Thr...Cosmo Lee
2007-05-08ZooFrank Rinaldi
2007-05-09Bridge to TerabithiaNick Southall
2007-05-10Plane DeadPaolo Cabrelli
2007-05-11Year of the DogAndy Slabaugh
2007-05-14DisappearancesNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-05-15Spider-Man 3Patrick McKay
2007-05-16Syndromes and a CenturyBill Weber
2007-05-17The Old, Weird America: Harry ...Brad Luen
2007-05-1828 Weeks LaterDave Micevic
2007-05-18Dans ParisSky Hirschkron
2007-05-21FractureJeffrey Bloomer
2007-05-22I Don’t Want to Sleep AloneDavid Pratt-Ro...
2007-05-23PaprikaFrank Rinaldi
2007-05-24The Wendell Baker StoryAndy Slabaugh
2007-05-29Georgia RuleJeffrey Bloomer
2007-05-30Pirates of the Caribbean: At W...Dave Micevic
2007-05-30Come Early MorningMike D’Aless...
2007-05-31VacancyDavid Holmes
2007-05-31Colossal YouthBrad Luen
2007-06-01The Secret Life of WordsNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-06-04MagiciansPaolo Cabrelli
2007-06-05Billo: Il Grand DakhaarNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-06-06Brand Upon the Brain!Bill Weber
2007-06-07Knocked UpPatrick McKay
2007-06-07Shrek the ThirdYannick LeJacq
2007-06-08BugJeffrey Bloomer
2007-06-08Histoire(s) du CinémaDavid Pratt-Ro...
2007-06-11Away From HerDavid Holmes
2007-06-1212:08 East of BucharestFrank Rinaldi
2007-06-12Ocean’s 13Ethan Robinson
2007-06-13Surf’s UpBrad Luen
2007-06-14Mr. BrooksJeffrey Bloomer
2007-06-15Fay GrimMike D’Aless...
2007-06-18This is EnglandPaolo Cabrelli
2007-06-19Hostel: Part IIDavid Holmes
2007-06-20DeliriousLearned Foote
2007-06-21Fantastic Four: Rise of the Si...Brad Luen
2007-06-22Mala NocheDavid Pratt-Ro...
2007-06-22ExiledAndy Slabaugh
2007-06-25Let’s Get LostFrank Rinaldi
2007-06-26The Tiger’s TailPaolo Cabrelli
2007-06-27A Mighty HeartJeffrey Bloomer
2007-06-28Nancy DrewEthan Robinson
2007-06-29DiggersMike D’Aless...
2007-07-02RatatouillePatrick McKay
2007-07-03Manufactured LandscapesFrank Rinaldi
2007-07-05Prince of the CityBill Weber
2007-07-051408Dave Micevic
2007-07-06FidoYannick LeJacq
2007-07-06Live Free or Die HardJeffrey Bloomer
2007-07-09SickoYannick LeJacq
2007-07-10TransformersJeffrey Bloomer
2007-07-11Snow AngelsSky Hirschkron
2007-07-12SeveranceDavid Holmes
2007-07-13OnceDavid Holmes
2007-07-13Le DoulosAndy Slabaugh
2007-07-16The Godfather of DiscoBrad Luen
2007-07-17Rescue DawnDave Micevic
2007-07-18The Exterminating AngelsMike D’Aless...
2007-07-19Harry Potter and the Order of ...Patrick McKay
2007-07-20VitusYannick LeJacq
2007-07-20Tell No One (Ne le dis à pers...Paolo Cabrelli
2007-07-23TimeDavid Pratt-Ro...
2007-07-26In Between DaysBill Weber
2007-07-27Police BeatAndy Slabaugh
2007-07-30Miss PotterMike D’Aless...
2007-07-31Golden DoorLearned Foote
2007-08-01Gypsy CaravanNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-08-02The Simpsons MoviePatrick McKay
2007-08-03TMNTEthan Robinson
2007-08-06The Bourne UltimatumDavid Holmes
2007-08-07Pitfall/Woman in the Dunes/The...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-08-08The HoaxPaolo Cabrelli
2007-08-09A Successful ManYannick LeJacq
2007-08-13The TenDavid Holmes
2007-08-14Rush Hour 3Brad Luen
2007-08-15Ace in the HoleAndy Slabaugh
2007-08-16On the Silver GlobeEthan Robinson
2007-08-20AlibiMike D’Alles...
2007-08-21The InvasionEthan Robinson
2007-08-22Rocket ScienceYannick LeJacq
2007-08-23You Kill MeNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-08-24I Now Pronounce You Chuck and ...Dan Weiss
2007-08-27SuperbadDavid Holmes
2007-08-28LOLTodd Burns
2007-08-28Hannah Takes the StairsAndy Slabaugh
2007-08-28A Woman Without Love / The Mil...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-08-30Ghost RiderBrad Luen
2007-08-31Mr. Bean’s HolidayEthan Robinson
2007-09-04if….Bill Weber
2007-09-05Quiet CityAndy Slabaugh
2007-09-06Seraphim FallsPaolo Cabrelli
2007-09-07Goya’s GhostsNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-09-14No End in SightBrad Luen
2007-09-17The Brave OneNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-09-18The LookoutDavid Holmes
2007-09-19I Want Someone to Eat Cheese WithAndy Slabaugh
2007-09-20Shoot ‘Em UpDavid Holmes
2007-09-25Into the WildYannick LeJacq
2007-09-26Red RoadNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-09-27The Scene of the CrimeEthan Robinson
2007-09-283:10 to YumaJeffrey Bloomer
2007-10-01Music and LyricsBrad Luen
2007-10-02New York Film Festival 2007, P...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-10-03In the Valley of ElahDavid Holmes
2007-10-04Great World of SoundAndy Slabaugh
2007-10-08New York Film Festival 2007, P...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-10-09Shadows (Senki)Nancy Keefe Rh...
2007-10-10The Darjeeling LimitedPatrick McKay
2007-10-11The Assassination of Jesse Jam...Bill Weber
2007-10-12New York Film Festival 2007, P...Bill Weber
2007-10-15New York Film Festival 2007, P...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-10-16Across the UniverseEthan Robinson
2007-10-17Boarding GateBrad Luen
2007-10-18King of Kong: A Fistful of Qua...David Holmes
2007-10-19ControlAndy Slabaugh
2007-10-22New York Film Festival 2007, P...David Pratt-Ro...
2007-10-24Oswald’s GhostNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-10-24Michael ClaytonDavid Holmes
2007-10-24Key Canadian Films by WomenNancy Keefe Rh...
2007-10-25Lars and the Real GirlBrad Luen
2007-10-26The Seeker: The Dark Is RisingEthan Robinson
2007-10-29Stylus Magazine’s Top 10 Zom...Stylus Staff
2007-10-30Stylus Magazine’s Top Films ...Stylus Staff
2007-10-31Stylus Magazine’s Top Films ...Stylus Staff
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