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2006-01-09The Three Burials of Melquiade...Chris Panzner
2006-01-10The Family StoneLearned Foote
2006-01-11Buy It NowSandro Matosevic
2006-01-12MunichSky Hirschkron
2006-01-13StanderChris Flynn
2006-01-13Nine LivesRoque Strew
2006-01-17HostelJake Meaney
2006-01-18The Chronicles of Narnia: The ...Jay Millikan
2006-01-19Just Like HeavenPaolo Cabrelli
2006-01-19ChainSky Hirschkron
2006-01-20Glory RoadTroy Reimink
2006-01-20Three TimesJosh Timmermann
2006-01-23CalvaireDerek Walmsley
2006-01-23Fun With Dick and JaneDaniel Rivera
2006-01-24The Tiger and the SnowChris Panzner
2006-01-25A Cock And Bull StorySandro Matosevic
2006-01-26TransamericaLearned Foote
2006-01-27CacheJake Meaney
2006-01-30The MatadorKevin Worrall
2006-02-01Breakfast on PlutoPaolo Cabrelli
2006-02-02Mixtape Inc.Derek Walmsley
2006-02-03Looking for Comedy in the Musl...Dave Micevic
2006-02-06Happy Here and NowJosh Timmermann
2006-02-07The World’s Fastest IndianChris Panzner
2006-02-08The New WorldSky Hirschkron
2006-02-09Mrs. Henderson PresentsSandro Matosevic
2006-02-10Sundance 2006: The Wrap-UpSky Hirschkron...
2006-02-10OvercomingChris Flynn
2006-02-13Why We FightArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-02-14Old JoyLearned Foote
2006-02-15Match PointSky Hirschkron
2006-02-16The GeneralPaolo Cabrelli
2006-02-17Caterina in the Big CityJake Meaney
2006-02-20CoachellaTroy Reimink
2006-02-21Dirt: A Season Inside the Devi...Chris Flynn
2006-02-22FirewallRon Mashate
2006-02-23The IntruderJosh Timmermann
2006-02-24Song of SongsSandro Matosevic
2006-02-27The FogPaolo Cabrelli
2006-02-28Nanny McPheeLearned Foote
2006-03-01BubbleSky Hirschkron
2006-03-02FreedomlandRon Mashate
2006-03-03Running ScaredDave Micevic
2006-03-06Madea’s Family ReunionLearned Foote
2006-03-07Neil Young: Heart of GoldBob Kotyk
2006-03-08Taxi Number 9211Kevin Worrall
2006-03-09Night WatchJake Meaney
2006-03-10The Pink PantherRon Mashate
2006-03-10Dave Chappelle’s Block PartyDaniel Rivera
2006-03-13A Sound of ThunderChris Flynn
2006-03-14The Piano Tuner of EarthquakesSandro Matosevic
2006-03-15LoftSky Hirschkron
2006-03-16StayPaolo Cabrelli
2006-03-17Joyeux NoëlArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-03-20YesNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-03-21Unknown White MaleDave Micevic
2006-03-22C.S.A.: Confederate States of ...Mike LeChevallier
2006-03-23Le Petit LieutenantSky Hirschkron
2006-03-24The Devil and Daniel JohnstonChris Flynn
2006-03-27V for VendettaLearned Foote
2006-03-28L’EnfantSandro Matosevic
2006-03-29Failure to LaunchTroy Reimink
2006-03-30Date MovieRon Mashate
2006-03-31TsotsiKevin Worrall
2006-03-31Inside ManArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-04-03The KingChris Flynn
2006-04-04The Hills Have EyesRon Mashate
2006-04-05The Heart Is Deceitful Above A...Sky Hirschkron
2006-04-06EvilDave Micevic
2006-04-07SlitherLearned Foote
2006-04-10Kamikaze GirlsJake Meaney
2006-04-11Thank You for SmokingJay Millikan
2006-04-12After InnocenceTroy Reimink
2006-04-13Duck SeasonKevin Worrall
2006-04-14Metal: A Headbanger’s JourneyCosmo Lee
2006-04-14FatelessChris Flynn
2006-04-17New York DollSandro Matosevic
2006-04-18The Notorious Bettie PageDaniel Rivera
2006-04-19Ice Age: The MeltdownArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-04-20The White CountessPaolo Cabrelli
2006-04-21Rocky Road to DublinNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-04-24American DreamzDave Micevic
2006-04-25Lucky Number SlevinRon Mashate
2006-04-26The Hole StorySky Hirschkron
2006-04-27Wild Tigers I Have KnownMike LeChevallier
2006-04-28Silent HillJake Meaney
2006-05-01United 93Kevin Worrall
2006-05-02Adam & SteveLearned Foote
2006-05-03Sisters in LawNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-05-04Short Takes #001Todd Burns
2006-05-05DominoJake Meaney
2006-05-08Lie with MeRon Mashate
2006-05-09Akeelah and the BeeTroy Reimink
2006-05-10MI:3Paolo Cabrelli
2006-05-11Friends with MoneyNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-05-12Underground GameJohn Hibey
2006-05-15Mountain Patrol (Kekexili)Dave Micevic
2006-05-16The SentinelDaniel Rivera
2006-05-17The Independent Film Festival ...Sky Hirschkron
2006-05-18A Year without LoveSandro Matosevic
2006-05-19Find Me GuiltyDaniel Hayes
2006-05-22The Da Vinci CodeArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-05-23An American HauntingRon Mashate
2006-05-24PoseidonTroy Reimink
2006-05-25Art School ConfidentialDaniel Rivera
2006-05-26Kinky BootsNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-05-30WaterLearned Foote
2006-05-31Army of ShadowsDave Micevic
2006-06-01Short Takes #002Todd Burns
2006-06-01X-Men: The Last StandLearned Foote
2006-06-02Time to LeaveSandro Matosevic
2006-06-05Hard CandyJake Meaney
2006-06-06The Break-UpRon Mashate
2006-06-07BrickKevin Worrall
2006-06-08Once in a LifetimePaolo Cabrelli
2006-06-09Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low...Sandro Matosevic
2006-06-12La MoustacheLearned Foote
2006-06-13The OmenDave Micevic
2006-06-14Down in the ValleyNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-06-15An Inconvenient TruthJay Millikan
2006-06-16CarsDaniel Rivera
2006-06-19Quo Vadis, Baby?Paolo Cabrelli
2006-06-21DumplingsSandro Matosevic
2006-06-22A Prairie Home CompanionJosh Timmermann
2006-06-23LoverboyKevin Worrall
2006-06-26The Road to GuantánamoNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-06-27The Fast and The Furious: Toky...Dave Micevic
2006-06-28Nacho LibreArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-06-29Two DriftersLearned Foote
2006-06-30Who Killed the Electric Car?Nancy Keefe Rh...
2006-07-03Wassup RockersJonas Oransky
2006-07-05Strangers with CandyJay Millikan
2006-07-06Sketches of Frank GehryRon Mashate
2006-07-07Superman ReturnsLearned Foote
2006-07-07A Scanner DarklyArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-07-10The Devil Wears PradaKevin Worrall
2006-07-11Heading SouthNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-07-12The Lake HouseAmanda Andrade
2006-07-13Basic Instinct 2Ron Mashate
2006-07-14Forty Shades of BlueSandro Matosevic
2006-07-17District 13Paolo Cabrelli
2006-07-18Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead...Jay Millikan
2006-07-19You, Me and DupreeJeffrey Bloomer
2006-07-20The Great Yokai WarLearned Foote
2006-07-21The War TapesDave Micevic
2006-07-24Excellent CadaversJonas Oransky
2006-07-25The SearchersRon Mashate
2006-07-26My Super Ex-GirlfriendAmanda Andrade
2006-07-27WordplayImran J. Syed
2006-07-28The Lost CityNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-07-31EdmondLearned Foote
2006-08-01ShadowboxerJay Millikan
2006-08-02ScoopArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-08-03The Fallen IdolPaolo Cabrelli
2006-08-03Glasgow SundayScott McKeating
2006-08-04Miami ViceImran J. Syed
2006-08-07Talladega Nights: The Ballad o...Jeff Weiss
2006-08-08Little Miss SunshineDave Micevic
2006-08-09The DescentJeffrey Bloomer
2006-08-10Lunacy (Sileni)Jonas Oransky
2006-08-11My Country, My CountryNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-08-14World Trade CenterImran J. Syed
2006-08-15The Night ListenerLearned Foote
2006-08-16Little FishSandro Matosevic
2006-08-17Brothers of the HeadJonas Oransky
2006-08-18Step UpAmanda Andrade
2006-08-21Snakes on a PlaneSandro Matosevic
2006-08-22John Tucker Must DieRon Mashate
2006-08-23Conversations with Other WomenArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-08-24TidelandPaolo Cabrelli
2006-08-25AcceptedJeffrey Bloomer
2006-08-28PulseDave Micevic
2006-08-29IdlewildNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-08-30InvincibleImran J. Syed
2006-09-01PlaygiarismJosh Timmermann
2006-09-05Scary Movie 4Ron Mashate
2006-09-06The Wicker ManJeffrey Bloomer
2006-09-07Harvey Milk: Anthem DVD/3”CDStewart Voegtlin
2006-09-07Lower CityAmanda Andrade
2006-09-08Half NelsonJay Millikan
2006-09-11FratricideSky Hirschkron
2006-09-12Beowulf and GrendelNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-09-13The QuietRon Mashate
2006-09-14The ProtectorJeff Weiss
2006-09-15HollywoodlandImran J. Syed
2006-09-18The OH in OhioAmanda Andrade
2006-09-19The Last KissDaniel Rivera
2006-09-20GabrielleDave Micevic
2006-09-21Andy Warhol: A Documentary FilmNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-09-22The Black DahliaJeffrey Bloomer
2006-09-25All the King’s MenArthur Ryel-Li...
2006-09-26Paper DollsJonas Oransky
2006-09-27AllegroSandro Matosevic
2006-09-29AdriftPaolo Cabrelli
2006-10-02The IllusionistAmanda Andrade
2006-10-03This Film Is Not Yet RatedSandro Matosevic
2006-10-04The Science of SleepJeff Weiss
2006-10-05Jet Li’s FearlessJay Millikan
2006-10-06The House of SandNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-10-09New York Film Festival: Part IJonas Oransky
2006-10-10Dead Man’s ShoesJosh Timmermann
2006-10-11Inconscientes (Unconscious)Paolo Cabrelli
2006-10-12ATLTeresa Nieman
2006-10-13The DepartedJosh Timmermann
2006-10-16Zidane: A 21st Century PortraitPaolo Cabrelli
2006-10-17Al Franken: God SpokeDave Micevic
2006-10-18The Grudge 2Jeffrey Bloomer
2006-10-19Jonestown: The Life and Death ...Nancy Keefe Rh...
2006-10-20FeastDaniel Rivera
2006-10-23IdiocracyJeff Weiss
2006-10-24Marie AntoinetteNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-10-25Jesus CampLearned Foote
2006-10-26For Your ConsiderationSandro Matosevic
2006-10-27Flags of Our FathersImran J. Syed
2006-10-30New York Film Festival: Part IIJonas Oransky
2006-10-31ShortbusLuke de Smet
2006-11-01Man Push CartDave Micevic
2006-11-02RequiemAmanda Andrade
2006-11-03The PrestigeJeffrey Bloomer
2006-11-03LongingSky Hirschkron
2006-11-06ClimatesNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-11-07Death of a PresidentDavid Sims
2006-11-08BoratJeff Weiss
2006-11-09Cocaine CowboysTodd Burns
2006-11-10VolverNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-11-13Little ChildrenDave Micevic
2006-11-14Harsh TimesChris Anderson
2006-11-15I Saw Ben Barka Get KilledPaolo Cabrelli
2006-11-16The Last King of ScotlandImran J. Syed
2006-11-17BabelJonas Oransky
2006-11-20Mongolian Ping PongAmanda Andrade
2006-11-21Iraq in FragmentsJay Millikan
2006-11-22Stranger than FictionAmanda Andrade
2006-11-27Fast Food NationTeresa Nieman
2006-11-28A Good YearImran J. Syed
2006-11-2949 UpDave Micevic
2006-11-30The ReturnJeffrey Bloomer
2006-12-01The QueenLearned Foote
2006-12-04Casino RoyaleDavid Sims
2006-12-05Fresh AirSky Hirschkron
2006-12-06Copying BeethovenNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-12-07They All LaughedPatrick McKay
2006-12-08Pan’s LabyrinthPaolo Cabrelli
2006-12-11Happy FeetJay Millikan
2006-12-12Blood DiamondAmanda Andrade
2006-12-13ApocalyptoNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-12-14La CommuneTodd Burns
2006-12-15The FountainJeffrey Bloomer
2006-12-18BobbyJeff Weiss
2006-12-20The Painted VeilNancy Keefe Rh...
2006-12-22The Nativity StoryLearned Foote
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