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2005-01-03The Life Aquatic with Steve Zi...Kevin Worrall
2005-01-05House of Flying DaggersDave Micevic
2005-01-07The AviatorJosh Timmermann
2005-01-10KinseyJen Cameron
2005-01-14Meet the FockersTroy Reimink
2005-01-19Million Dollar BabyDan Emerson
2005-01-21Blissfully YoursJosh Timmermann
2005-01-26Assault on Precinct 13Dave Micevic
2005-01-28In Good CompanyRob Lott
2005-02-02A Very Long EngagementTroy Reimink
2005-02-14The Life and Death of Peter Se...J T. Ramsay
2005-02-21Hotel RwandaJosh Timmermann
2005-02-23Ong Bak – The Thai WarriorJen Cameron
2005-02-28Inside Deep ThroatKevin Worrall
2005-03-04Born into BrothelsDave Micevic
2005-03-15Nobody KnowsRob Lott
2005-03-17DistantJosh Timmermann
2005-03-18Be CoolTroy Reimink
2005-03-21ConstantineJen Cameron
2005-03-23SteamboyDave Micevic
2005-03-25The Ring 2Kevin Worrall
2005-04-04A League of Ordinary GentlemenTroy Reimink
2005-04-06Last Life in the UniverseJosh Timmermann
2005-04-08Sin CityJen Cameron
2005-04-11The Best of YouthDave Micevic
2005-04-13The Upside of AngerKevin Worrall
2005-04-20The Wild Parrots of Telegraph ...Rob Lott
2005-04-22MillionsTroy Reimink
2005-04-26The InterpreterJosh Timmermann
2005-04-27OldboyJen Cameron
2005-04-29Kung Fu HustleKevin Worrall
2005-05-03PalindromesDave Micevic
2005-05-11Look At MeRob Lott
2005-05-13Kingdom of HeavenJay Millikan
2005-05-17Rubber JohnnyScott McKeating
2005-05-18Star Wars, Episode III: Reveng...Troy Reimink
2005-05-23F for FakeJosh Timmermann
2005-05-26The Hitchhiker’s Guide to th...Jen Cameron
2005-05-27CrashBob Kotyk
2005-05-31Layer CakeDave Micevic
2005-06-02Enron: The Smartest Guys in th...Kevin Worrall
2005-06-10Cinderella ManTroy Reimink
2005-06-13Lords of DogtownBob Kotyk
2005-06-15Au hasard BalthazarJosh Timmermann
2005-06-17High TensionJen Cameron
2005-06-22Howl’s Moving CastleDave Micevic
2005-06-24Batman BeginsKevin Worrall
2005-07-06Me and You and Everyone We KnowRoque Strew
2005-07-13Mysterious SkinJen Cameron
2005-07-18Café LumiereJosh Timmermann
2005-07-20Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryBob Kotyk
2005-07-22The Beat That My Heart SkippedDave Micevic
2005-07-25Wedding CrashersJay Millikan
2005-07-28The EdukatorsKris Allison
2005-08-01Happy EndingsJen Cameron
2005-08-03Hustle and FlowRob Lott
2005-08-05The AristocratsJay Millikan
2005-08-09The Dukes of HazzardBob Kotyk
2005-08-10SarabandDave Micevic
2005-08-12CleanJosh Timmermann
2005-08-16The WorldRoque Strew
2005-08-17The Ferpect CrimeKris Allison
2005-08-19Grizzly ManKevin Worrall
2005-08-24Broken FlowersRob Lott
2005-08-30The 40-Year Old VirginJay Millikan
2005-09-02JunebugJim Fingal
2005-09-06The Constant GardenerDave Micevic
2005-09-09The Brothers GrimmBob Kotyk
2005-09-13The Transporter 2Jen Cameron
2005-09-14A State of MindKris Allison
2005-09-21Directors Label DVDsAndrew Unterbe...
2005-09-26ThumbsuckerJim Fingal
2005-09-28No Direction HomeBob Kotyk
2005-09-29Mr. Scruff : No Pies for Two H...Cameron Macdonald
2005-09-30Memories of MurderJosh Timmermann
2005-10-05Corpse BrideDave Micevic
2005-10-07Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of...Kris Allison
2005-10-12A History of ViolenceRoque Strew
2005-10-21Two For The MoneyKevin Worrall
2005-10-24The Wayward CloudJosh Timmermann
2005-10-26MirrorMaskJen Cameron
2005-10-27CapoteAlfred Soto
2005-10-28Good Night, and Good LuckJay Millikan
2005-10-31DoomDave Micevic
2005-11-08JarheadBob Kotyk
2005-11-09The Death of Mr. LazarescuSandro Matosevic
2005-11-11The Squid and the WhaleJay Millikan
2005-11-11Tony TakitaniRoque Strew
2005-11-14Kiss Kiss Bang BangKevin Worrall
2005-11-14Get Rich or Die Tryin’Josh Timmermann
2005-11-15ShopgirlBen Dickinson
2005-11-15Everything Is IlluminatedLearned Foote
2005-11-16The Weather ManMike LeChevallier
2005-11-16Battle In HeavenSandro Matosevic
2005-11-17HellSky Hirschkron
2005-11-18Three…ExtremesJake Meaney
2005-11-21Last DaysMike LeChevallier
2005-11-21A Bittersweet LifeSky Hirschkron
2005-11-22Czech DreamDerek Walmsley
2005-11-22The PassengerJake Meaney
2005-11-23Sophie Scholl: The Last DaysSandro Matosevic
2005-11-23Harry Potter and the Goblet of...Mike LeChevallier
2005-11-29ManderlayChris Panzner
2005-11-29The LibertinePaolo Cabrelli
2005-11-30Wolf CreekDerek Walmsley
2005-11-30Bee SeasonDave Micevic
2005-12-0136 Quai des OrfèvresChris Flynn
2005-12-01UltranovaSandro Matosevic
2005-12-02The Ice HarvestBob Kotyk
2005-12-02The PropositionMatt Jones & K...
2005-12-03Kings and QueenAdam Roberts
2005-12-03The Exorcism of Emily RosePaolo Cabrelli
2005-12-05Sarah Silverman: Jesus is MagicJim Fingal
2005-12-05FlightplanChris Panzner
2005-12-06Pride and PrejudiceJake Meaney
2005-12-07RentLearned Foote
2005-12-08Walk the LineMike LeChevallier
2005-12-09Mutual AppreciationSky Hirschkron
2005-12-09Paradise NowAdam Roberts
2005-12-12Lonesome JimChris Panzner
2005-12-12Tropical MaladyJosh Timmermann
2005-12-13TicketsSandro Matosevic
2005-12-13Where the Truth LiesPaolo Cabrelli
2005-12-14Crying FistDerek Walmsley
2005-12-14Mad Hot BallroomPaolo Cabrelli
2005-12-15The Mysterious Geographic Expl...Chris Flynn
2005-12-16FactotumChris Panzner
2005-12-194 (Chetyre)Sandro Matosevic
2005-12-20Man with a Movie CameraChris Flynn
2005-12-20King KongPaolo Cabrelli
2005-12-21Maurice RichardBob Kotyk
2005-12-22The Sky TurnsSky Hirschkron
2005-12-23SyrianaMike LeChevallier
2005-12-23Memoirs of a GeishaDave Micevic
2005-12-27Brokeback MountainAlfred Soto
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