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2004-01-09The CompanyAkiva Gottlieb
2004-01-14Cold MountainJosh Timmermann
2004-01-16The CoolerKevin Worrall
2004-01-21The Director’s Label DVD SeriesAndrew Unterbe...
2004-01-23In AmericaJay Millikan
2004-01-28House of Sand and FogJosh Timmermann
2004-01-30Girl With a Pearl EarringJen Cameron
2004-02-04The CorporationLiz Clayton
2004-02-06Crimson GoldAkiva Gottlieb
2004-02-11The Perfect ScoreDave Micevic
2004-02-13MonsterKevin Worrall
2004-02-18OffbeatJosh Timmermann
2004-02-20DogvilleJosh Timmermann
2004-02-25The DreamersJen Cameron
2004-02-27The Triplets of BellevilleDave Micevic
2004-03-03Academy Fight Song - A Non-Def...Jay Millikan
2004-03-05The Passion of the ChristJay Millikan
2004-03-10My ArchitectDave Micevic
2004-03-12Fog of WarJosh Timmermann
2004-03-16Touching The VoidRob Lott
2004-03-17SpartanLiz Clayton
2004-03-18Bodysong; The MovieColin Cooper
2004-03-22The Five ObstructionsAkiva Gottlieb
2004-03-24Dawn of the DeadKevin Worrall
2004-03-29The LadykillersDave Micevic
2004-03-31Starsky & HutchJosh Timmermann
2004-04-02Eternal Sunshine of the Spotle...Jen Cameron
2004-04-07HellboyJay Millikan
2004-04-09Good Bye, Lenin!Rob Lott
2004-04-12Before SunsetAkiva Gottlieb
2004-04-14IntermissionJen Cameron
2004-04-16The United States of LelandKevin Worrall
2004-04-21Young AdamBilly Rowlandson
2004-04-23Kill Bill: Volume TwoDave Micevic
2004-04-23Kill Bill: Volume TwoJosh Timmermann
2004-05-05Broken WingsRob Lott
2004-05-10Mayor of the Sunset StripJen Cameron
2004-05-12Van HelsingDave Micevic
2004-05-14Mean GirlsJosh Timmermann
2004-05-19TroyKevin Worrall
2004-05-21Shrek 2Jay Millikan
2004-05-26Super Size MeLiz Clayton
2004-05-28Coffee and CigarettesRob Lott
2004-06-04The Day After TomorrowJay Millikan
2004-06-08Since Otar LeftKevin Worrall
2004-06-09Goodbye, Dragon InnJosh Timmermann
2004-06-11Harry Potter and the Prisoner ...Dave Micevic
2004-06-16SavedRob Lott
2004-06-18The Stepford WivesJay Millikan
2004-06-23DodgeballKevin Worrall
2004-06-25The TerminalJay Millikan
2004-06-30Fahrenheit 9/11Dave Micevic
2004-07-02Spider Man 2Rob Lott
2004-07-09King ArthurJay Millikan
2004-07-14Anchorman: The Legend of Ron B...Dave Micevic
2004-07-16GreendaleJosh Timmermann
2004-07-19The Door in the FloorKevin Worrall
2004-07-21Control RoomLiz Clayton
2004-07-23Riding GiantsRob Lott
2004-07-28The Bourne SupremacyKevin Worrall
2004-07-30I, RobotDave Micevic
2004-08-03The MissingJosh Timmermann
2004-08-06The Manchurian CandidateJay Millikan
2004-08-09The VillageChris Dahlen
2004-08-13Garden StateJen Cameron
2004-08-18CollateralJay Millikan
2004-08-20Open WaterTroy Reimink
2004-08-25Intimate StrangersDave Micevic
2004-08-27New York MinuteJosh Timmermann
2004-09-01Maria Full of GraceKevin Worrall
2004-09-03We Don’t Live Here AnymoreRob Lott
2004-09-08PaparazziTroy Reimink
2004-09-10Suspect ZeroJen Cameron
2004-09-13Bright Young ThingsDave Micevic
2004-09-15UndertowLiz Clayton
2004-09-17HeroJosh Timmermann
2004-09-23Silver CityRob Lott
2004-09-28The Yes MenTroy Reimink
2004-09-29A Dirty ShameKevin Worrall
2004-10-05Shaun of the DeadJen Cameron
2004-10-07The Saddest Music in the WorldJosh Timmermann
2004-10-08Ghost in the Shell 2: InnocenceDave Micevic
2004-10-11Dig!Sam Bloch
2004-10-18A Day at the New York Film Fes...Jay Millikan
2004-10-21Friday Night LightsJay Millikan
2004-10-22Team America: World PoliceTroy Reimink
2004-10-25I Heart HuckabeesRob Lott
2004-10-29PrimerJ T. Ramsay
2004-11-01The GrudgeDave Micevic
2004-11-052046Josh Timmermann
2004-11-10BirthJen Cameron
2004-11-12RayTroy Reimink
2004-11-15SidewaysLiz Clayton
2004-11-17The MachinistJ T. Ramsay
2004-11-19TarnationKevin Worrall
2004-11-29OvernightDave Micevic
2004-12-01Sex Is ComedyJosh Timmermann
2004-12-03What the Bleep Do We Know?Troy Reimink
2004-12-15CloserTroy Reimink
2004-12-24Fade To BlackScott McKeating
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